A Theological Question/Debate.

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  1. Dude write a movie script
  2. I love when people say this crap. Let's argue over the wording of scripture and its legitimacy, instead of thinking clearly, which is to say in the dawn of modern science, religion specifically Christianity, is loosing it's terror grip on what society knows and doesn't. Yes 7 day creation is a nice story. Is it a theory? No. Theories have scientific backing, stories are just told over the course of time and believed as truth In the absence of legitimate scientific theory.
  3. Good thing I live in a country where it doesn't matter if I believe in a God or not.

    The only thing I have to worry about is conspiracy theorists.
  4. Didn't know that. I thought it had basically the same things as Hinduism. They never explained that in school. But the point I was making was that all the members of those groups will make it to heaven if they do good things.
  5. Zombies - made for TV fiction
    Gods - fiction used to control ppl
    Santa - is real..in malls everywhere

    All Gods or no Gods but i'd believe in the Greys before stories of recent times. Manipulation of ppl is nothing new.

    Ppl at one time believed Earth was flat til someone proved otherwise.
    Who has proven Gods exist?
  6. There are hundreds of witnesses that say that a few seconds after the second Twin Tower fell, there was a cross in the sky above where the Towers once stood for a few seconds. It was hard to make out, and it was a simple cross. Nothing special, but it was there.
  7. Evolution is true, and here's why. When people say that evolution is the basis for all modern biology it's not just opinion. Evolution has working practical applications. It's fundamental to our approach to producing modified crops and breeding livestock, creating new drugs and vaccines, genetics, manipulating viruses, etc. No one creates weapons in labs or does biology based on the theory of "creationism". It has no practicable applications. They don't use it for quantum physics or geology either. They don't use it for anything.

    Science requires working theories to do things with. Humans and the universe weren't created as we are now 6,000 years ago in 6 days. We didn't live with the dinosaurs. The evidence is overwhelming. That's why science doesn't teach it and no one uses it. If you want to be believe otherwise for religious purposes, that's fine, but it's a globally recognized fact.


    Evolution is a working theory.
  8. Like I said before, I don't believe in god. But then again, I don't believe we came from nothing or "evolved"
  9. I dont believe in god. I dont believe in zombies either, however its possible that some sort of virus/disease could evolve to make people behave like zombies. Creating an infectious zombie virus 
  10. Q1 No

    Q2 Yes

    Zombies are portrayed
    1) as humans that are reanimated yet lacking the person's original personalty.
    2) They are also illustrated as monsters that lack emotions yet have a drive to kill.

    A person resurrected by Jesus on the last day
    1) have personalty and emotion
    2) freed from all effects of the fall (redeemed mind and body)
    3) bless others and bring vibrancy and life
  11. I'm so with you. both involve believing to the point where it doesn't seem real and/or logical
  12. I believe in God all the way with all my heart and mind and I believe in evolution with all my heart and mind. There's a study called scholasticism (whose name I misspelled probably), which basically is designed to use science to explain God. I think that God used evolution, chemistry, physics, astrophysics, Big Bang, etc. as tools of creation. That belief is called intelligent design.
  13. So you trust in the bible?
  14. All beliefs have a worldview whether you believe in God or not.

    Those beliefs control you and ppl impose those beliefs on others.

    You may not see this but saying that religious beliefs are irrational - you are imposing you worldview and saying that religious ppl are ignorant and attempting to control the argument. If you desire to use this argument (criticizing worldviews that impose beliefs) be a true post modernist and say - "I'm not sure who is right but everyone has a right to believe something if it works for them. However I think this might be right but I could totally be wrong."

    The only problem is that if you take this stance is if you think all things are plausible then you really believe/commit to nothing.
  15. For those that wish to have the creationism vs. science debate, please open a separate thread. I'm happy to join the debate in another thread, but not here.

    This thread started as a fun, seemingly non-threatening, and interesting look at zombies, and should stay that way.

    On topic, where do you think Frankenstein's monster falls in this?
  16. According to ifrankenstein - he was a created being with a soul. He was never resurrected either.

    He is neither resurrected or reanimated as a zombie

    He is a being that will die one day and face judgment. If he puts his faith in Jesus and his work on the cross - he will be redeemed, forgiven, sanctified and resurrected on the last day
  17. Yes, I do. But I also know that the writers of the Bible weren't God, but men. And the men at the time didn't understand the world as much as we do now, so they made the underwater disk thing to understand. And not a lot of Catholics I know actually think that the universe was created the way the Bible says it was word-for-word. And I heard that the order described in the Bible as to how life was made on Earth is pretty similar to the scientific way it developed. I think I heard that somewhere.
  18. Zombies do exist, just not the way they are portrayed in horror movies. (see Sepent and The Rainbow) There is a drug that makes you appear dead by all tests, but does not kill you.
  19. If you believe in the bible you can't believe in Evolution, the bible is "inspired by the living breathe of God" so basically you're calling God a liar. If you read Genesis then you would know God created the heavens and earth. He didn't let things occur, then he wouldn't get the glory. As he is a jealous god, I got this from your bible. So, how can you believe in God but contradict the very thing you believe in?
  20. I believe he created evolution and used it as a tool of creation.