a short story of my actual butthurt that is real.

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  1. Says a guy from the clan whch got destroyed by fury. :lol:
  2. I miss iprophet.
  3. OP is telling fictional tales, a roleplay at best, until she shares the username.
  4. His name is Robert Paulson.
  5. I'm sensing some butthurt, any bets on how long till skinny drops build again? I'm currently thinking 13 days.
  6. How did I miss this when it was first posted?

    Anyway, yeah, do whatever you can to stay out of coat fee's CA. I used to celebrate whenever I had half a bar of troops.

    But at the end of the day, being in coat fee's CA is basically the worst thing that can happen to a kingdom. If you somehow make it out alive, anyone else who claims to be "farming" you will be like a joke.

    I don't regret being their farm. I learned so much from that experience that I feel I'm a better warrior for it.

    And I most certainly don't regret sticking by minny's side the whole time. I'll always stick up for my friends, even if it kills me.
  7. I will also add this:

    Minny and I are a special kind of breed. We have a way of enraging people to the brink of insanity. We pissed coat fee off with our words so badly that I feel like we helped bring them together more than they had been, which contributed to their current legacy.

    When we first got CA'd, the incoming was tolerable. But the more crap we talked about them, the worse it got until my account was useless. And it was round the clock.

    Nightmare even commented once back in 2013 that their recruitment numbers went up as a result of our forum banter against coat fee.

    So yeah, we improved coat fee as much as they improved us.

    In fact, many of my friends have since joined coat fee, and I keep in touch with a few of their council through PM. I think there's still mutual respect there.

    I hope you crush this scrub, minny. I'm always here to help. ️
  8.  
    Gotta love the kaw blood feuds!
    Cant wait to see whats next! 
    Whoever you are, i think Skinny's just about to change your kaw world 
  9. Robert Paulson. Classic.
  10. Nuff said 
  11. Says a guest in a great clan
  12. Annnd no one cares. I found your pacifier and rattle though. Hope it helps the crying.
  13. Soap just mad cause he a nobody in a nobody clan go get them skinny 
  14. wheres your "training" clan at? 
  15. Soap smells like cheese
  16. Soap is blocked from my wall. He also gets whacked every day.

    So for whatever reason. This has become his goto thread to cry and whine.

    Anyhoo. As I previously stated soap. No cease fire for you. 
  17. Slightly interesting
  18. Whacked!? Lmao all fails allllll fails your the one who gets pounded. You only fail then drop build
  19.  I love the way you use pig to describe your target