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  1. Good afternoon everyone!

    This thread is going to be rather short, and to the point. I have a background in environmental issues due to where I live and past experiences over the course of my life. At the heart of these environmental issues I, along with many others, have perceived a rising threat to our planet in the form of climate change via human-induced global warming. While there are indeed significant amounts of data indicating human-induced warming there is still a good portion of the general public that refutes this notion.

    How do you personally feel about this? Do you see climate change as a pressing issue, or is it not even a issue at all? If you do think it is a threat, how do you personally alter your everyday behaviors to attempt to mitigate your footprint? If you think this is just stupid and a “Hoax created by the Chinese” please support your opinions! What about human-induced warming causes you doubt?

    Upon reading this if you feel something upon reading it share that! KaW is a community of many unique and multi-faceted players, let’s hear from as many different angles as possible!

    Happy discussing everyone and please, please try to keep this civil! I will be chiming in then and now to try to facilitate more discussion.
  2. It’s 60 % 9 days after christmas, climate change is real and they don’t want us to know they have control
  3. It's the baptism by fire!
  4. I’m disappointed in this climate change stuff, I want it to be warmer outside and it’s not. What can I do to increase my footprint?

  5. This reminds me of those Holiday Inn Express commercials where the person makes a statement, or gives advice, is then asked if they’re a professional in the subject matter and they say “No, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night...”

    You should support your own opinion before asking anyone else to support theirs.

    How does where you live give you experience in climate change?

    Isn’t climate change affecting the earth as a whole?

    What makes you an authority on the topic?

    What specific data supports your opinion? Is it peer reviewed? Does it selectively use limited data to support its claims?

    This topic has become a religion. It’s rammed down our throats and expected to be taken as gospel. Then when questions about the validity arise, immediately the disciples take offense, ignore questions of validity and lash out.

    I hate to break it to you, but this doesn’t bring about a positive change. It simply draws a line in the sand and isolates the progress you believe needs to take place. It doesn’t set the conversation up for developing solutions that won’t disrupt the daily lives of people and their governments.

    Earlier this week I asked a potential new client how much revenue they did last year. He answered $35,000 US. I then asked them what the goal for 2019 is. His answer, $75,000 and 15 new agents on the team. Finally I asked what was he going to do differently to achieve that goal? He had no real answer for me. At the end of the conversation he agreed, he could expect the same results by continuing with the same approach of growing his business.

    The point is, change your approach if you’re interested in solutions.

    And just so you know, yesterday I woke up and it was raining, today I woke up and it wasn’t, tomorrow I’ll be at Harvard to review my findings...

  6. As long as you're fine with a good portion of 1.5 billion climate refugees from some of the poorest parts of the world coming too your country aswell.
  7. Your mom is a rather hot topic.
  8. climate change is real but it has very little to do with what humans are doing.
  9. Where are your sources for this?
    Show yours and I’ll gladly bring mine proving to you human’s are the #1 cause of global warming / climate change. Whatever you want to call it, we created it.

    The fossil fuel industry, fracking, CO2 emmissions for the meat industry alone is destroying our planet.
    You’re telling me something other than humans created these issues?
  10. And you think that anything you protest about will change it ?

    Europe and the Middle East put out way more pollution than the US......nobody there regulates it. So while you get on your knees for France and their environment accord, remember this.....pretty much ALL their cars are deasil. Nobody in Europe is changing their foot print and the most pollution is coming from their. So go Al Gore somewhere else.
  11. I dont know about you but i enjoy spending my free time dumping waste in the ocean and leaving my car running all day
  12. Every morning when I wake up, I jump out of bed and crack two fresh deodorant cans open and just start spraying til I can’t spray anymore.

    Pollution is the best breakfast if you ask me.
  13. There’s too many people on the planet... it’s time to start shrinking the population...
  14. I like dogs
  15. If we eliminate all the liberals we solve our population problem and also eliminate a dangerous disease know as liberalism
  16. Same man. Maybe we should meet up some time and pollute together. It would be twice the fun right?
  17. Definitely!
  18. I’d rather not die from the effects of climate change but if I do I won’t have to worry about bills anymore so silver lining.