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  1. lol you cant just take 20% of the question i asked and answer it hahaha.its like you picked some words and made your own question,geeez where do they all come from.i see what i want to see,i hear what i want to hear.reality dosnt matter to you.And i dont give a crap about other threads,if you read this one you should have known that.but i guess we cant expect much from someone that name himself monkey poo.
  2. so you are the cream of cultural enlightment,above us all.and you got quite number of followers(the elite of off topic kaw forums).and bringing up questions/info that are important for us so we can understand the real world(world is bigger than the country you live in,and your reality is far from ours).and the school system is inadequate and television stuck at 5th grade lvl(again the world is not just your country). you keep ducking the real questions by telling us how intelligent you are and everyone that not agree with you or question you are idiots and a lower class of human beings .maybe you should change forums?maybe mensa is something for you o' great one the master of enlightment and teacher of life.**pssst i know what country you are from Randy
  3. X_X lol see what I mean about "learning problems"? ...these short bus riding window lickers are hopeless :p :p :p

  4. He is just having fun

    He knows the context of what was said and he's just playing
  5. And we all know where monkey poo's tongue is.deep deep deep
  6. And its funny that you respond so fast everytime when monkey poo makes a comment x_x.a account made just for forums.well well guess we never will know who it is.you?me?trump?
  7. I think there's a good message here i like to think is the right way to go about life... live for others, cycle of life type stuff...but sry to be a cynic lol...Rivers feed themselves into oceans & lakes which in turn evaporate into clouds which travel across the land, rain n then feed rivers again. Tree's drop fruit & foliage & branches which fall to the ground and decay, creating nutrients & microbes for the roots to absorb, while the fruit eaten & transported by other forms of life which often contain seeds or spores which increase the the population & in turn their chance for survival. The sun might only shine so as to create more movement in the universe which leads to greater gravitational forces creating a greater amount of pull in it's direction to absorb fuel in the form of gases, moistore, asteroids, meteors & even planets etc. Flowers release fragrance to attract pollinators & predators to help reproduce & fruit, or to create a repellent for pests, in turn increasing their chance for survival.

    I don't know if nature is exactly the best example of something that goes out of it's way for others lol...it's more of a human concept if u ask me.
  8. That seems more like side effects

    The reason plants make fruit is to spread its seeds, but it's got to be conscious of animals

    Rivers flowing into lakes and oceans, maybe you could say it's like the oceans are drinking the rivers

    But really I don't think the message is lost

    Even the old tree that dies it does leave stuff for others to use, and not consume itself

    Life is much better when others are happy because of you
  9. yeah true enough, u make some good points there & yeah, the message is def not lost :)

  10. Yesh is deep deep deep deep deep.....

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  13. Wow some one think big of himself lol.same in real life?nah just a nobody that never been touched.keep feeling like a king on a game,im happy for you :).btw listen to Madonna alot?
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