A Guide to Triggering WC Users

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  1. Do you thirst for a good time? Do you thrive off of making basement dwellers rage?

    Well do I have a buzzfeed article for you!

    DISCLAIMER: I am in no way associated with Buzzfeed it just sounded good in my head.

    Here’s 5 pointers on triggering KaW players and stirring up trouble for those beloved mods!

    1.) Mention Trump

    Mentioning the greatest president in human history is the easiest thing to do if you want to stir up some headed discussions. See, I called him the greatest president and it got your blood boiling didn’t it? At least 50% of you didn’t get the joke or like the joke which just helps me prove my point. Man I’m good at this.

    2.) Make lots of “your wife” jokes

    Something that I’ve found has been working very well lately is making “your wife” jokes. See, something that many fail to remember is that most of the KaW population has grown up. Because of this fact, “Your Mom” jokes don’t work anymore because the moms are so old it’d be rude or the moms are so old they’ve died out. It’s a lot easier to make wife jokes anyway. Because let’s be real, we are all older now (in age not maturity thx) which means grandmas just aren’t as fun to make dirty jokes about. Unless you’re into that kind of thing... @bach

    3.) Be as anti-politically correct as possible

    Something that I’ve noticed is that being politically correct is smiled upon in the world. However, for those who like to enrage other people... being extremely opposite of politically correct is the best option. It’s sure to get some responses if you say that conservatives are the only civil people and that liberals try to brainwash us into believing you don’t get fat because you eat a lot.

    4.) Call out someone

    Probably the coolest thing ever is watching someone get called out. You see someone posting something that’s correct? Call them out. Tell them their brains are so small that doctors think that your family comes from the original sect of humans. Someone saying that the world is ending soon due to Trump and his nuke happy hands? Tell them the only thing getting nuked is his mom. Wait, no. Wife. Forgot #2 my bad.

    5.) Say the mods are biased

    Now this one is a bit risky and a mixture of #4 and its own thing. The risk factor comes from the fact that the mods are biased but don’t necessarily enjoy being called biased. They’ll keep an extra close eye on you so you’ll probably have to watch out on #’s 2 and 3 and probably 4 and most likely 1 and tbh it’s best to not do 5 but you can if you want. (Moody ily don’t be mad at me k thx bby)

    So there you have it. My first true buzzfeed article. I hope you enjoyed it! And remember... stay intolerabably undesirable!

    P.S. Moody plz vote me I need it.

    P.S.P.S. I don’t condone any breakage of the ToU. Break it at your own risk.
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    No Support
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    I believe you mean "P.P.S." since PSPS doesn't make much sense and is not proper nomenclature. Clearly, your brain is so small that doctors that your family comes from the original sect of humans :roll:
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    Oh. Oh no.

    I taught the mods. Guys, abort the mission!
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    Snoopy aren't you supposed to be finding charlie brown? *insert a painting nail emoji*
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    Actually P.S.S
  9. Yeah I decided to tell Charlie Brown to get to curb this holiday season
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    Explain pls
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    Well someone can’t read
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    Nate, be nice. 
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    Kinda have to disagree with you here.
    P.s. is postscript meaning “written after the original”
    So if he ps the original topic but then PSed the PS it would be PSPS, no?
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    Nope. A second note is a "post-postscript" (literally "after the postscript"). PSPS would be postscript-postscript, which sooooorrrrrta makes sense, if you really want to argue for it, but not compared to the properly written and commonly accepted PPS.
  15. Your wife hit the floor at a country dance bar when someone called out "hoe-down".
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     fair enough. Point goes to Thrawn
  17. Did you just assume President Trump’s gender? You referred to President Trump by ‘him’ when you can’t be sure of President Trump’s preferred pronouns since you likely haven’t met President Trump.l to ask President Trump in person.


    Thrawn please /lock for incosiderate behaviour from the OP.
  18. Kk

    *locks thread for 1 second*


    Always aiming to please. :)
  19. That’s what your wife says
  20. That's not a roast. That's a good wife with a servants heart(we need this heart), which we all need to have. nExT mEmE