A Game Of Secrets

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  1. Damn did he order the death of jade an Tyler why Caleb why lol
  2. Crying now that its over.. Ur an awesome writer though!!! Loved every word!
  3. Amazingful ending great job lady
  4. I would give it  out of 
  5. Omigosh that was an awesome ending!!! Write sonething else pleaseee!!
  6. I loved it! Very good!
  7. Hey, should I post my rewritten (100X better) version of Battle Camp: The Rebellion? Just wondering if anyone cares. It's completed, so I should be able to update it on a regular basis. Once a day/week/2 weeks, whatever you want.
  8. Yes you probably should
  9. Now that I read that ending im gunna go kill myself… brb
  10. You should definitely do that lady m that would be awesome! Loved the battle camp story u posted ;)
  12. Why do you keep bumping threads that are old?!?
  13. This book was good. That's all. I just wanted people to have another chance to see it.