A final goodbye

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  1. Hey guys. As some of you may have noticed, probably most of you haven't, I've been pretty inactive lately.

    A very serious illness came up with my mother which resulted in my leave of absence from KaW. I intended to only make it temporary but now I'm intending to make it permanent. I honestly cannot tell you guys how much this game helped me grow up lol.

    From being a 12 year old 6th grader downloading this game on my iPod 3rd gen, to now being a 17 year old junior deleting it on my iPhone 6s, this game has always been around.

    I tried to quit before, shouldn't say I really tried but ya know, deleted for a few months. But now I'm deleting it, and I don't intend to reinstall. The people in this game are exactly that, people. Some of the people on this game truly changed my life for the better, helped me grow up. They provided an escape when life sucked. But now it's time to go face the real world.

    Just a few people I'd like to mention who honestly affected me the most, for the best.

    Hk, you know you're like my older bro. Love ya man.

    Hayden, without you I would've quit long ago.

    Cheezy, you too were like an older bro to me, and you made this game enjoyable.

    I honestly could list hundreds if not thousands of names. If I didn't mention you, it's because I simply can't. You know who you are, so write your own name here if you want. I'd just like to give a special shout out to my clan, Black Hand. Without you guys, I would've quit so long ago. You guys were a literal extension of my family. Love all of you guys and girls.

    Thanks ATA, thanks to the KaW community, and thanks to anyone who plays this game and makes it enjoyable for anyone else.

  2. Rest in Peace, xtreme.
    Truly a great KaWer.

    Edit:Hope your mother gets better
  3. If ur 17 shouldn't u be in ur 12th year?
  4. X, I hope your mom gets better bud.
    Love u too, no homo. And have a great real life.
  5. Yes he's in his 12th year.

    Edit: thought he was in his senior year but forgot X wasn't.
  6. Goodbye have a good life my friend
  7. No, juniors are 11th year. You start the year at age 16, his birthday could've been between now and August (when U.S. Summer break ends)
  8. The eArliest someone could be 17 in your junior year would be January 1st. It is not January.
  9. ^Why does this even matter?
  10. We need to know which grade he failed
  11. Good luck bud.

    I know how tough life gets when your mom is sick


  12. Sometimes I question the sanity of the KaWmunity.
  13. What...
  14. Guys you should be respectful and not nit pick on what age/grade OP is in.

  15. ^This guy gets it.

  16. Cya bro, I'll be going soon too.... This game blows

  17. The true side of idiots in KaW, take a look everyone!

    (I was 17 in my Junior year, bday is Nov 14)

    But yea, Terra is an idiot
  18. Ever heard of kindergarten? Maybe you skipped that grade, you learn to count there! k+ 11= 12.

    @OP Rest easy brother, hope your mother gets better!
  19. Thank you for showing me that 1 +11 is 12.
  20. You're very welcome! Now maybe next time you try to shame someone with your utter stupidity, you will be able to use the knowledge of basic arithmetic I've bestowed upon you today!