A dissertation on my existential crisis regarding milkshakes

Discussion in 'Wars' started by -Deadly-, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. Was I the only guy who laughed at the "last staw"? Get it?

  2. Ic3- you'd have to be from PIMD, I believe.

    Dante- I can't remember what we decided on that. I'll check and update.
  3. Also my 8m hansel will join deadlys side
  4. Bad Dante :-( 
  5. Stripping rules:

    Nothing more than 10B per member.
  6. 10b sucks to strip 
  7. Seriously, who wants me? :D
  8. #Deadly-Nation :lol: hilarious as always deadleh
  9. Neon! Haven't seen you in a while!
  10. #Communist Regime Deadly
  11. What side should God_Mod choose? Hm... I think I will be a little busy soon, depending on when this war happens.
  12. Mew!

  13. GodMod is above time and space. He doesn't get busy. Imposter.
  14. I think GodNob the Powerless is a fail.
  15. God is above time and space. Jesus was affected by time and space.
    Meet the 4th part of God. Not a triangle. Its a square after all.
  16. I appreciate your concern, but I think you need to move on with your wannabe trolling of me.
  17. I think your butthurt is cleverly hidden behind your eloquence, but it's there.

    I wasn't trolling you, but perhaps you felt I was.
  18. God_Mod cannot be trolled. ;)
  19. Please excuse me, I should have said flaming. Not trolling. My apologies. You are still being a flamer, which isn't smart to do, as I am pretty sure that is against ToU and there are mods lurking this thread.
  20. Silence GodMod, you're killing the thread.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.