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  1. Mods, this is designed as a discussion between the forum community. Please allow it to continue.

    So I've noticed more and more that short threads are being locked due to 'low effort'. This annoys me. What's more annoying is that a lot of the time the mods seem to lock threads without even reading the content, purely because they are short. Some threads that have been locked have contained some good ideas about the game that could easily have led to a multiple page discussion but because they were short, this wasn't able to happen.

    This 'low effort' idea seems to have manifested itself inside eagle mostly. (Please don't think this is a personal attack on him. He is a great guy and a good friend) but I think that this idea needs to be reevaluated. For example, think of the sheer number of users that have benefited from Dilly's question thread. That is 1 sentence long yet has helped countless players with the game. I simply think that some threads should be allowed to run a course before the decision to lock gets made.

    There are of course obvious exceptions: previously suggested ideas, nonsensical ops, etc.

    Please share your thoughts as I think that a change here could be the first step to the forums recovering
  2. Low effort, plz lock pl0x

    Haha jk op

    I totally agree
  3. Agreed, Low effort is a very general concept. Are not a few powerful words better than pages of worthless drivel? Quality over quantity, and of course, you know, bumping threads that share your idea instead of repeating it preferably.
  4. Where is inferno these days ? That's far more controversial this subject always gets a lock seems to change name as much as cs and price
  5. Wut? Lol
  6. Well mods these days are a bag of potatoes. They can't differentiate the difference between a useless thread with low effort and a useful thread that doesn't need a bunch of extra crap.
  7. No support
    Play the game
  8. And the same to you. Leave my thread :)
  9. Support. Excellent point.
  10. I've played this game 5 years...this isn't my first acct.... I still have no idea how to make a forums thread
  11. Low effort/content threads would inundate forums n back up good threads fast to page 2 n beyond.

    No Clutter in forums is most important.
    Anyone making a thread can put a lil time into their effort n thats hardly unreasonable.

    The better the thread the better interaction is. Quality not quantity.

    If on right now see latest threads.
    All they r is repetitive type game threads.
    Active Topic not clutter n ppl learning kaw or following better threads will interact more n better instead of threads being bumped off page 1.
  12. I agree that quality is better than quantity, and that's why I support what tom_burger_pie is saying.

    Moderators consider a low effort thread to be a low word-count (quantity) thread, no matter the quality.

    So if there was a quality post that was only a couple sentances, mods would easily consider locking it.

    Finally, the forums is far from cluttered. It seems to be extremely inactive to me nowadays, perhaps because of this rule.
  13. Lol. Hiya Tom.
    You're of course as usual absolutely right. I have not seen many many threads like before.

    Previously, threads used to be around for a week or more on Active Threads, nowadays most threads last only one breath.
  14. Hey bro. Yeah they need to be given more of a chance lol
  15. no support.. put your questions on the question thread.

    btw your opinion doesn't matter because you don't play kaw
  16. This is a discussion about forums. Therefore it is your opinion that doesn't matter because you don't forum. So you can take your 'kaw-playing' under-2m CS account and leave my thread ️
  17. I agree that people who make a short thread should at least be given the chance to show their thread could potentialy be a good thread.

    It's not like these forums are so extremely active that you will need to scroll through 10 pages to find your thread posted an hour ago for example.

    Although in some threads that could have led to a good discussion it was the players that started to spam/flame/troll which caused the moderators to be needing to lock it.
  18. It wasn't always this way. In fact go back 2 generations of mods and short threads didn't get locked unless the op was spamming. It is the current and last generation of mods who changed it with the "low effort equals spam so I lock" mentality. And now that has lead to any short thread being considered low effort and therefore spam and lockable. There's no specific rule in the ToU saying threads must be so long or take so much effort.