A different scenario: The Abyss Event

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  1. For all everyone who hates these repetitive events, and to those who keeps saying "stop whining". This post is dedicated to both parties.

    So... Devs said something is awakening, it tore the land during slumber yada yada, and must not be allowed to be awaken. We shall need to pay tribute to let it go back to its slumber. There was a covenant made back who-knows-when that states that giving tribute will let it go back to sleep...

    Then I think...

    Why should we let it go back to sleep?

    Why dont we let it wake up? Then kill it? Or why dont let it wake up, then attack us? Now thats fun, now thats P v E..

    So far it tore the lands? So? What? We should be scared? Like Wordwaster said, let it tear down all the abyss and make that map a gaping hole where these lands are unwanted anyway lol...

    Why should we pay tribute? Why not theres a certain eb we need to do, that "collects powers" so we can instead help that "thing" to awaken? Then at the end we'll see which is more, the "powers" or the "tributes"?

    More fun that way, and I dont think its ever been done before!
  2. Stop whining
  4. actually i was thinking about stealing the tribute from people doing the event, keeping it for ourselves, and watching the abyss boil.
  5. Actually not a bad idea OP. Now only if they'd implement it..... :?
  6. Id love watching the Abyss boil..