A Dev joining other clans?

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  1. Hi Charlie, thank you for replying to those points.

    My idea is: send a mass message via the 'kaw' account inviting people to wall you or post in the forums with an invitation to join their clan. That way you know straight-away that you have people willing to talk to you openly as a Developer.

    If clan members/admins don't invite you and you don't join those clans, then the question of fairness has been satisfied.

    All the same, you'll need to consider how much time you can spend doing this (indefinitely?) and based on how many clans invite you determine an appropriate length of stay. Maybe publish an itinerary?

    As you wrote: we're still far away from this happening, so take your time with the details, and keep up the good work :b

    Nothing wrong with posing as a new player and asking innocent questions :)
  2. As a dev, they will still get into the noob clans so that realm is still open...they just want more open doors. I honestly don't see a reason any clan would not allow them entrance however the posted wall for invitations is a nice idea.

    Yes, the devs can read what's going on in many places but this idea is to have engagement and conversations with the player base which is what we have been asking for. This is a huge move in the interaction from them that I wanted...again only positives can come in my opinion.
  3. Visit us first, you rice ball you. Be the dev to join our osw bahahhah and reset our enemies to the ground with your magical kaw god powers you have. Or... Just hit ebs with us.
  4. Do it, also gimme contact info to talk about PvP. :)
  5. I'd be BC if I was a dev lol.
  6. ...yeah that's two there many more, and who cares what moose did (nobody but other mods)
  7. ...I see more favoritism coming out of it
  8. Is ATA hiring? I'll be a wandering DEV playing kaw all day!
  9. Waste of mod n our time but then a mod actually doing something than bogus silences would be wonderful

  10. I see the main thing coming about is silences. We are comfortable in our cc's. We say things that are forbidden on the game. Both on KAW and PIMD, the devs won't listen to the players. Even when we spend real life money on the game.
  11. Brilliant idea i think, get out there & explore the world u help to control, it only seems right to do so to me :)
  12. Let's have that conversation on the forums! Make a post about it!
  13. Shadows Rising accepts any devs :p WE WELCOME YOU
  14. Join our EE clan ? do some ll with ODM Gang gang gang
  15. How about some private meetings in ur clan a 1 on 1 chat
  16. Hell yeah! Dev tour ^_^ would be cool as hec
  17. Yo moose and Wulf played favorites from day one ...turning blind eye to their buddies TOU violations. Moose was a nerd-tool more interested in downloading his personnel politics/agenda on forums then he was about fairness in the game. He used his mod position as a speaker board to his politics that no one was really interested in. He stopped being an effective mod years ago (if he ever was one).
    As far as being a functioning responsible mod ..yeah sorry I never saw that in him. He was here for his own purposes he didn't do crap for the game itself.
  18. Full support, you would need to see all types of clans though and possibly change build to experience their style of play. Bur definitely do it
  19. I welcome this idea greatly and most certainly please apply to my clan.