A Dev joining other clans?

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  1. Admins should deff go to small clans and attract noobs (like themselves lol) to them
  2. Hell is waiting for you hmm
  3. Op already been strip farmed? Classic KaW hazing!
  4. Alternatively I have 2 fold suggestion:

    1) Dev clan should have all new accounts dumped into their clan for the first few days; lift the cap on the dev clan roster to 1,000 doesn't matter - but yes, learn how to play and grow your own clan.

    2) "Trading Places" you swap places with Shady for the day; you get to visit my home while I get to visit your home. In theory you learn from my family and I get to teach a new player for the day.

    This does several things if done correctly. It allows you to record basic general information Q/A from Dev Clan CC that new players would ask and veteran players wish to impart. You can then use that information to expand your tutorial upon creation of a new account and increase retention rates of those downloading the game for the first time. Additionally, you can learn what from the community what actually happens in game. I would note they can do this anyways - but I'll be a good sport and play along like they cannot pull out pm / cc histories.

    Overall, saying you want to do something and actually doing it are two separate things. Moreover, I agree with the prior post that by nature of us knowing you are in the clan, it actually taints the experience, both for us and you.

    This could go in several positive directions and there are many ways to go about doing something like this. I would perhaps revise my original post and suggest that as a true first step, you probably invite others into the dev clan itself as "guests" - and dump all new accounts in there to start. You know the mods (probably too well) so start with your VKs you probably don't know as well.

    I don't know, I'm just spitballing here. I'm should probably just delete this post....nah, we just brainstorming - good luck; my billable hourly rate is $500/hr minimum - but I'll give you this post as a freebee Charlie.
  5. I do agree that "touring" clans is a great way to get to know the players. The question is tho, how willing are you to listen to us, and how willing will the devs be to implement what the players actually want. I guess time will tell
    P.S. Lol on the strip ?
  6. Charlie's a mole lock your doors
  7. So mean! Devs be like

    I already have a Dev in my clan *cough* Michaelbrs *cough*
  8. Actually, I'm gonna make an assumption that Charlie is fairly new and probably like most new players in KAW has 0 knowledge of mechanics all around. I really support the idea in theory but you should take notes and integrate your "learning" experience into an expanded tutorial for all players (like you) who will inevitably ask the same questions.

    Objective 1 > New Player focus
    Objective 2 > Community Feedback
    Objective 3 > What EB functionality? Mechanics ? How Clans work? Idk

    I think I'm gonna stop trolling this post - need to decide what you are trying to extract from this project first, then we can better guide you I think Charlie.

    #ShadyTip - The strength of any clan rests with its general members.

    Thus, if you are having difficulty completing EBs and unlocking your clan, perhaps refer to #ShadyTip and find a new clan or get your fellow clanmates to help you unlock / finish EBs lol although I think your time might be better spent actually listening to players and improving the game vs playing it as Rogue One suggested

    Wow, I'm still bitter about the S6 petition, protesting spending and yet I'm still trying to offer help and support to ATA. Someone just tell me to stop trying to help these apes.
  9. I'm still talking, Jesus shut up already shady...

    Seriously what do you want to know?

    If you want pure view of clans in action, no need to join; just pull up and read our CC's you can do that at anytime without our knowledge and get a raw sense of the happenings.

    Are you looking for some advice on how to play? That I would suggest you do on your alt you posted about so we don't talk about an ATA tagged account asking silly questions.

    Are you trying to get us to feel more engaged in the game because a developer stopped by to visit?

    Hell, I'll help just about anyone but what is the objective here. Okay, now I'm gonna shut up lol
  10. I wonder if they'll silence people, constant bypassing happens in cc
  11. Been looking over answers on this post and thought I would reply to two quick:

    "What's the objective?":
    To show players that I, and the Development Team, are listening and talking.

    There are lots of positive comments that raise valid concerns that if the goal of this was for me to learn the game there are better ways to do that. But the goal is not for me to learn the game, but for me to more about all of you. I want to get into conversations about things you like, things you don't like and in general have a good back and forth.

    I feel that is something I can do best when talking to you as a Developer on this, my main account.

    (Based on whichever clans I joined) "I still think you'd be playing favourites.":
    If we decide to go through with this (which I still feel we are far away from), I am sure we can come up with a solution to the fairness question that makes sense.
  12. Read ToU - only public posts are silenceable in the sense you are actually silenced ; note: clan can silence you just cause but won't effect your ability to post walls, wc, etc - so in a way, you can be silenced in CC thus stopping your ability to chat with the devs; I suggest you spam there wall in that case to get the trifecta a hat trick of siliences if you will (well 2 siliences, but trifecta sounds better)
  13. In that case Charlie @ your response to my response then the go visit lots of clans. With the appearance of the ATA tags and in a clan, I suppose it does become more personable for those players online and in that particular clan.

    I'm envisioning you just chatting CC's and livening things up, but I would caution you to have some objective or topic of discussion / discussions in mind that focus on KAW or you will get side tracked in CC faster than you would in forums like we almost did here a second ago.

    I think a methodical way is to start at the top of the LB and go down; get that initial feeling of rejection for being under stat requirements like all new accounts feel when they try to apply to LB clans.

    Then try looking at clan events > and apply to HTE clans to get in free and mooch items; again rejected.

    Then you can have the epiphany most new players have > WC ads then maybe do a little networking and get invited to a larger clan; however you do have that ATA branding in your name so I suspect most players / clans would welcome you

    Best of luck, and for the record I'm just a general member at Regulators / WDGAF and have no door powers so couldn't let you in if I wanted to 
  14. Personally I think you should do this tour but do it with your dev account and your private account. You will see far more of kaw this way and will see it from 2 perspectives.

    The main issue I see is that a few clans will quite likely not let in a random small account and potentially not the dev account either. You won't see what hte clans are like nor will you get into most top lb clans except on your dev account perhaps. Osw clans might be rather sceptical of you joining too so there are a few issues for you to consider. This does hopefully mean you can get an idea of the issues new players face and perhaps you can look into the issues with clan ranks.
  15. I miss indy T_T :(
  16. Well if we want to talk TOU violations there's a lot bigger ones then bypassing going on, on a consistent basis, not just that but there's the accusations of mods playing favorites or just outright not doing their jobs ...would be nice to see Chuck go undercover and maybe clean some of that bizness up ...but I imagine we'ld get the same response that Grant gave...

    ....(paraphrasing) "not my job email support"
  17. Not just that but if they're actually KAWing like we all know they have in the past then they HAVE to know about the TOU violations people mention previously in forums and about mod misbehavior
  18. In regards to mods not behaving correctly just consider that we don't see what goes on behind closed doors. Mods get removed if they need to do it e.g. moose and wulf.
  19. pffftttt
    u already said u are playing on another account. So u already have the "experience" and already know what we think. Saying u wanna fraternize with the masses is hypocritical.
  20. This would be good. .maybe get more of the dev accounts to have a your around then u can bring all your finding etc together after a few weeks or something.