A Dev joining other clans? pt. 2

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  1. A few months ago I made a post about joining some random player clans to hang out (and to help me grow because ATA is still struggling beating any Z'uthmerak).

    Forum post here: http://forum.kingdomsatwar.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=181023&p=5419426#p5419426

    I was wondering if the community is still alright with me joining some new clans and meeting some more people?

    If the consensus seems to be that this would still be okay, Dec 8th at 12:00 Noon I will make a post called "Looking for New Clan"

    What I propose is a (pretty hacked structure) of ideally randomly selecting a clan to join:

    • Radio-give-away-style after 24 unique players comment on the post called "Looking for Clan" that I will post at 12:00 noon Dec 8th I will join the clan that is mentioned in the 24th unique player's comment or the next comment following the 24th unique player that mentions an existing clan's name (that they are a part of).

    Example: I have created the post, the count starts at 1. For each following comment I make I cannot increase the number of unique commenters any higher. But if Pickle_monster_4444 comments that will increase the number to 2. If Pickle_monster_4444 comments again it cannot increase past 2. Once the next unique player comments the count will increase it to 3. etc.

    Does that sound fair? Let me know if this is OR is not something you're interested in and I wont make that post tomorrow! If it's something that sounds fun I'll comment and lock this post when a consensus seems to be reached about it happening or not.
  2. I think the devs should make their own clan, and give themselves BC, then start demolishing LB players one at a time.
  3. This is an extremely cool idea. I love the concept of a dev joining clans of the community.
  4. You are always free to join my RP cave/torture dungeon "TerraLand"

    or you can join kotfe with the other losers
  5. No. It's not okay. You guys r already doing enough behind the scenes that many don't know about.
  6. I will be 24th post and you will be my hostage :)
  8. 24 alts all post random stuff at same time, then one person posts right after xd slightly flawed way of joining but eh whatever tickles he pickles
  9. I like how you had to intricately spell out how that would work. It's great to know ATA realizes their customer base is largely at or below a 5th grade reading comprehension level.
  10. That being said, support. I hope you end up in a noob rp clan full of tou breaking alts 
  11. I love this idea! I personally would enjoy seeing this done more often by even once a week. This is a great way for devs to learn the community and any struggles we may face that have to be experienced to be understood.
  12. Maybe giving gold to selves too for strips on LB players?
  13. I love the idea hope it works out charlie
  14. It seems rigged to trolls playing on PC tbh - if you plan on doing it more than once wouldn't rotating WCs be better? Probably more people would notice it too.

    Granted, if you're doing it more than once getting stuck in Kasama's clan for a day or so shouldn't suppress enthusiasm if other clans have a chance later

    *Edit - I still agree it's a good idea to join other clans, hasn't changed
  15. Shortly after ebs were released we had a throwaway dev account (ata_developer, and it got deleted after a short while) join us to see how things were going. It was a nice time, he unsilenced Cor, told me to do the homework I should have been doing, and collected opinions. Honestly I always thought it would be nice if that happened more often, games with visible developer activity are always a bit more special.
  16. I think you should join clans that entertain different aspect of this game: osw clan, farming clan, lb eb clan, small newbie clan, a clan that's been around for a while and is basically a group of friends, eb merc clan, and maybe even an rp clanetc

    This will give you a better idea and view rather than just randomizing, imo. Have fun!
  17. Dooooo iiiiiiit, but if I'm the winner you have to bring seal cuz, ya know, hte clan so...
  18. I know a few good clans where there are plenty of good people.

    Hit me up.