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  1. This is my first forum thread... so i want to keep this as simple as possible.

    Basically, the crystals we know are seen in-game side-by-side eachother.... blue and green and regenerate both troops and spies together.

    My idea is to be able to purchase a single crystal that can regenerate either troops or spies (not together) for half the price they are being sold now.... Such as, purchasing a blue crystal to regen troops only, a green to regen spies only.

    An example, for hansels and spy builds in kaw: during a strip... we can keep regenerating using a single crystal to regen our spies only and still keep a self pinned state... by not regening our troops. For an attack build, I'm assuming you would benefit using the troops only crystal because you would do more damage with troops than wasting our current crystal regening ur low stat spies.... Also, why would a hansel spend $1 on 1 (current) crystal during a strip when all you would use is spies to steal... would be a waste regening troops as u can't use them on the target unless u want to close it (dtw). Sure you can use your troops on a eb to re-self pin... but why waste all that time when we can keep self pind state with a single crystal... and time means everything in a strip.

    This would also benefit out of wars.... in ebs I've noticed there's areas where only spies are used, and areas where only troops are used. With these single crystals we won't have to waste crystaling with our current one, and only regen what is needed.... Because a single crystal costs half the price as the crystals we use now... thus more ppl would buy them as some are willing to buy more of these because of the price and they don't need to regen both troops and spies in certain situations....

    Devs wouldn't be losing any money, sure they can offer it being a bit more than half price like .55-60 cents... and people such as myself would buy more of the spy crystals only because during a strip only spies are needed the majority of the time, thus they would gain more income as I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling this way... There really isn't too big of a difference on single crystals.... kaw contains different builds an single/our current crystals would benefit everyone and gives us more options in different situations.

    Devs can work at how it will originally be priced an the package prices if bought as a bulk... this was just a rough idea I wanted to get out and share.

    Comments and ideas to perfect this idea is welcome....
  2. No support, i dont have problems with the current system.
  3. support

    there are many hansels and attack builds in this game regular xtals onli really suit hybrids

    great idea pal
  4. Thanks for your opinons.... I noticed a handfull of support posts have been removed, I wonder why.
  5. I think it's a great idea!
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  7. Understood.... and thanks for answering my question.
  8. I dont like the idea. First off, Devs make less money because they wont sell as many xstals. Second, people could use it in an eb for troops to get much more money than they should be able to and only spend half as much. Also, it would screw up some some warring strategies. Also, they should cost a bit more than half because otherwise thats all people would ever buy, again losing the Dev's money. Just what I think.
  9. Thnx, for your opinion.... :)