A Cast of Falcons: Chapter Two - The Star of Damas

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  1. Agreed. Light-heartedness and joking is great. But there's a time and a place and it's not when addressing a valid point made by a player. It's nice to know how seriously the devs take the concerns of the players.

    Repeat events is an issue that has been raised on numerous occasions that has not been addressed (that I've seen). It's fantastic that the devs have the audacity to respond in such a way. Hit the nail on the head, LMABAO: unprofessional.
  2. You won't get a response now, like a teenager, they would rather walk away and pretend they didn't hear you.
  3. I never expected a response, tbh. It's more likely the posts will magically vanish into thin air.

    It needed to be said though. A lack of response isn't great but responding as they have is worse. It's really disappointing.
  4. I was gonna mention I was surprised your post didn't get deleted lol

    Maybe they won't... =|
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  6. Random wall art...

    Grant instead of ignoring concerns mind answering why the door glitch hasn't been fixed after being in game for years?

    The person shown applying is in the newsfeed yet when an admin tries to accept the menu shows no applicants. And the person wasn't rejected or accepted beforehand.
  7. Hmmmm...... Now this events was chapters 2 , dev how many chapters? 10,100 or 1000? Let see how many ppl quits. Kaw Dev is up to the peak no further development , however there will be more events and new lands coming out.
  8. wow lol -10 IQ lol
  9. Dang Ata savage today
  10. I noticed the upgrade price of the banners and wondered why they are so high? As well as too max the banner it's 10 tokens each upgrade. I get that the top banner should be 'rare' in a way, but why make the first few upgrades to expensive? You basically get the same banner if you were too get 2,000 items and 5,000 items. You will never be able too upgrade it if you get 5,000 each event and Ofc not with 2,000 items. So you're getting the same reward for the difference of more than double the items? Which brings me too wonder why not just lower the upgrade price, the 5,000 item banners in previous events are better than this event, which seems odd to me and a bit flawed considering the circumstances of the other rewards. Also with what you get from the upgrade... It's not that great for spending 10 tokens on. Which for some people will be the only upgrade they can get too.
  11. I'm thinking EBS need to be removed just like PWars were.
  12. The banners for this event are useless. Devs please them. I mean you need 15k for 3 full events to go up 1 level .. So for three events you get a banner that's 0.75%. Completely useless. So 3 more events will get you 1 more level so what is the next one 1%? So there's really no point in having the banners.
  13. The banners are actually completely useless unless you get top 10 in every event till it's completely over. Other then that they are complete garbage.
  14. Rider you realise not every one has your banner right? Lol
  15. Came here to see if any answer was given on the number of these events. I saw on the initial thread one of these devs say you couldn't get the same eq twice. Unless I'm missing something wouldnt that limit the parts to 4? Seeing how you can earn tier 7 box from war and tier 6 down from pve...or did i misread?
  16. put on a hold of lowland war and make indi war as main in war events.everyone want to war continously but no change when come to lowland war cos decent war clan won't accept mercs warriors.
  17. So make a clan.
  18. So I get a banner in every event that needs 10 coins to enchant but the most coins I can get from each event is 4. How does that make any sense.
  19. It's the same banner each event which only drops if you haven't already got it. The tokens drop over the course of the event series in order to enchant the banner :)

    If you are still unsure feel free to ask more and I will help where possible.
  20. Stop recycling the event over and over lol