__Persepolis___ is a FAKE!

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  1. Recently, a member joined my clan and caused damage to someone's reputation and so i feel some indebtment to them. This person who joined is named __Persepolis___ . He is pretending to be __Persepolis__ , note the one extra underscore. First of all, I want all people that would care to know, that __Persepolis__ is not __Persepolis___ . Please dont hold what the fake one does against the other. I am sorry that this person did this to you while he was in my clan __Persepolis__.
  2. Well done  congrats on realising what all of us already knew
  3. Yarmes
  4. Don't care. No one cares. We won't do anything to help. Awwwww cry cry.

    Please let this thread die.
  5. Aww val you have no heart. I'm still gonna beat you.

    And well ok? So someone is acting like someone else...its not the end of the world.
  6. Damnitt. My iPod is at home. I had the perfect .gif for this :(

    Basically... No **** Sherlock
  7. thanks Yarmes, I feel really proud. Actually, i got a complaint from the real one that it was a problem and felt bad that the fake one was in my clan when he caused a problem for the real one.
  8. Them and someone refers to the real persepolis if that is not clear to anyone who is not good at understanding the flaws in someone's English and plans on pointing them out to me.
  9. -Duh! I have an obvious _ after my name
    -John chaotic is now my farm for attacking me and insulting me on my wall
    -thanks to ur clan for not backing me up
    -u guys have no gonads bc u crumbled under _Persepolis_ baby rants...
  10. He's just making sure it's all ok guys, saying sorry to be sure no offense is made and to show its not his fault. Jesus guys, use them brains for something other than hating on for no reason
  11. By the way...my main is still in ur clan genesis 8)
  12. __Persepolis___ . I was already getting reports of you farming random people. I tried to message you about it but you wouldn't talk. You were kicked for insubordination. You were only kicked a little sooner, maybe an hour or two sooner, because I heard another report of you causing problems to someone named __Persepolis__ . I do apologize however for the hits that our clan gave you under misinformation that you had started farming our members before they gave any hits to you.
  13. Cease fire on Genesis. There is nothing fake about this account :)