8th Anniversary Festivities!

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Charlie, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. It's not much prettier than the 7 year one @bubbles
  2. It has nice curves ;)
  3. And in your profile the chest says it expires Sept 21.
    Confused devs.
  4. Any TANK to help celebrate your bday?
  5. Happy 8th Anniversary, KaW! :)
  7. Says 88% bonus but I can't see that you are sure it's not only 8% increase in EB plunder?
  8. If your eb was started prior to the plunder boost being announced then it was not added. All ebs after the announcement have the 88% boost.
  9. Gratz ATA you BIG 8pes!! (See what I did there ) Despite all the moaning the community does, it's really quite an achievement to still be soldiering on... so well done all kawers who've stuck with it through thick and thin - see you in your newsfeed! - Ajax!!!
  10. Season 7 when?
  11. Did anyone else pick up on them copying the loading screen girl's exact stance and using it for this picture but they put a beast in front of it to make it look different? Lol
  12. Is it unlimited xtals this weekend ❓
  13. Would have been cool to randomly use the old loading screens this weekend.
  14. Looks like you apes are thinking now! Thx for gifts maybe add some additional drop amounts as well!!! Thx again! SoF
  15. didnt we get 2 , 77% cruxes last year?
  16. Yes we received two of the 77% if I remember correctly they wouldn't stack with regular or gold Crux Chests. I'm not positive about
  17. Devs should revisit the unlimited crystals at least for the EB fairies. We must keep a limit on the warring side of the game.. if not he with the most crystals wins....
    The real question is: why are they limiting the amount of crystals used? That directly effects their bottom line!!! Which is this: $$$$$$$$$
  18. so many noobs here
  19. Thankyou for the gifts happy 8th birthday.