7th Anniversary Celebration! - UPDATED

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Sep 15, 2016.

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    With 175 tril-275 tril a player every 15 min
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    Agree, is not the players fault.. ata was well aware of it and did nothing
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    Unless it's," we are going to hold your account for 24 hours, but here is 800 tril for your trouble... rest well the next day
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    And for everyone else that had a chest out and such... better luck next year, here is a free xtal
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    I appreciate that its a big occasion but this new build on Osman is primarily for higher rank players is there any chance you can review the situation and possibly include a build program that helps smaller builds I understand its a business but you have to include all customers across the board thanks x
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    Rip kaw just like gaw and that other stupid ATA game
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    Yea, really end- game content.... 1 player 800 tril in 3 hours.. nice job 
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    he made more than that. and that was only in that one clan. he was hopping from one clan to another to avoid the 15min cooldown.
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    Just what saw from logs as watching.... am sure was 2-3 quadrillion lol
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    Basically he made enough to rebc... With lvl 20 osmon rai buildings
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    That's a big LOL to u devs. Wrong move releasing that, wrong move punishing players for playing the game play you push (hte trains with chests running)...

    I can only think back before events, before those too many lands and builds (highlands were already enough for a fun gameplay), where the LB was committed players fighting their way through the top with activity, relentlessness and clever gameplay.

    You all changed that for a spending LB (more interesting if you want to cash in I admit) interested in events, trains (24 or even 47 xtals within 2hours) and forgot the addicted and potential new players. I really don't want to imagine how many years a new player has to play in order just to compare his stats with the happy few LB.

    2 years back I could create an alt and have it to a correct size within months easily. Gap is just growing between new players and old players but also between old players and big spenders. I was over the past events always in the top 3-4k players yet the "BC concept" is always getting further out of reach.

    I'd really have welcomed a come back to a more interesting gameplay like pvp. Just imagine for a second you give the money a player looses per stl or attk on him to the attacker on top of his plunder. We'd BC stripping big spenders! Hardcore players back on top. But wait, was a nice dream I guess, spenders are your target players...
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    Amen to that
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    Grant, you need to talk to your new game designers before stuff like this rolls out.

    Clearly you, nor the new game designers don't understand how this content would have impacted the game.

    Mark, Derek or Bruce would have never allowed this without deep thought.


    It seems grant has lock banned many LB players for 24 hours, due to their size. Grant, in the 7 years this game's been out, this is probably the most absurd thing I've ever seen.
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    While the issues that arose this evening were unfortunate, these changes were run past all of those parties for review. It's an unfortunate mistake, and while issues with content deployment are rare they do happen. We're working on resolving the issue at hand fully, and will be evaluating how to prevent such things in the future.
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    Response o_O
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    One question grant, why are those accounts at risk for ban, for merely playing the game as it is set by you guys?

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    Glad i got a good tutorial to start me off on an epic journey that will take years upon years of straight growing since i do not spend cash on this game at all. Oh, but, how many players have actually played 7 years and are BC?

    You see dear Devs, people play games to reach the end. When there is no end, the game becomes stale and intolerable and repetitive. BC for some, was the end-point. For others, it was simply a checkpoint from being an EB fairy for 4 years. They then turn their newly bc account and join EE; they change build, add towers, and most likely add bfa. Or they take the osw standpoint and decide they want to be a Bc Hansel that runs LB sized strips - because, what fun is it to run 1T strips over and over? No, No, Its fun to strip Lb players (we shall say for name's sake - woolooloop) who are in war clans creating havoc and anarchy. That is fun. Its enjoyable being able to have an effect on someone's day. It brings back the life in the game when everyone is on a more level playing field. Not a 1.1b cs hansel picking on a 500m cs hansel, thats fun for nobody. Its too easy for the first hansel, and the second hansel is getting his ass handed to him.

    Please, take my statement into regard. I know you cant take back the new upgrades after people have already bought them, but you can make it easier for someone to advance to that level faster.
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    We've restricted access to select accounts while we work to investigate and mitigate the impact of this issue.
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    Alright, I'll screencap that and send to them. Many are concerned, was abrupt. 
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    Tl;dr what's this issue people are having? Also, can we have xtal lock removed
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