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When was KaW at its peak?

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  1. Pre 2015

  2. Post 2015

  1. Hey everybody! I doubt anyone remembers me, it’s been a few years since I’ve been on KaW.

    How are the forums these days? They used to be tons of fun and hilarious!

    Anybody still around that started 7+ years ago?
  2. No we all died
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  3. No this game actually sucks unless you're willing to spend a ton or just tap on normal eb's to no avail lol
  4. Golden days were during the Black Hand days.
    Now game is poopoo
  5. Game is still fun, it’s a different game. Def need some friends to keep you around though lol
  6. Since 2010. Agree that it's a different game now, but I'm also a very different person now. I always feel like the average player age has gone up quite a bit more than 11y since then too.

    How much I enjoy KaW always seems like a function of how much time I spend in game. I don't enjoy KaW as much as I did in 2012, but I also spend a lot less active time in-game than I did in 2012, since I have more stuff going on now. When some sort of event keeps me in-game for extra hours in a given week, I enjoy it just like the old days, but I just can't commit to as many of those days anymore as when I didn't have as many rl responsibilities.
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  7. Been playing this game for a decade, its still fun just in a different way.
  8. Just came back and I'm a 9 year vet :p
  9. still kicking. in a way :)
  10. Came back a bit ago. First time i played was 2012 heh, I knew nothing about the mechs. Now, after 6 yrs I'm back and trying to get back in the game haha. It's lovely though, so much nostalgia. This is the only mobile game I'd keep returning to / keep playing.
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  11. Man I started playing this game in 2009ish. Damn near spent 24 hours a day for 7+ years on this game. Osw was life. Clan wars ...I’m talking season 1 OG originals was fun. It was never the same after season 1. I caused more chaos for people and clans from warlor, to kotfe, to Zaft. It was fun and then it wasn’t fun. I got out when the money was good got an offer I couldn’t refuse. Kind of hung on for a year or so after that rebuilding but it was 2 little 2 late rebuilding just wasn’t fun. I can’t believe the same people run this game now that did over a decade ago...is that a good thing?...I don’t know you would think some new big cheese would have came along and took over. I had a lot of enemies . Had a lot of good friends. This game is so far from what it once was and with every new change to me it got worse. I don’t miss it. I don’t miss sleepless nights trying to protect my fake gold. I managed to not get stripped in all my time. Again that’s probably not a good thing. From hanging with loada and battling -snr- 24/7 for a year to osw to jointing one powerhouse alliance after another and still ending up where it basically began in warlor. Through the good and the bad they were as badass as it got . Good times. Well I’ve wasted enough of your time back to retirement . See ya in another year or so for my next check in
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  12. I wrote this the last time I logged in about 6 months ago, but will say it again. I feel that EBs broke the social aspect of the game. People used to join and stick with clans after becoming friends with the members, with nothing really standing in the way of sticking around. But EBs introduced major growth penalties for staying in a clan when you were too big or too small for the EB, and so these relationships were diminished. IMO, it's the social aspects that people enjoyed the most, not the gameplay.
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  13. Very well said, it seems obvious but it is often overlooked that many of us have been around for 10+ years... Just like in rl, things change and people evolve. It’s sad but it’s just how life goes. Although, if you take a step back and think about the friendships and joy that this game has given us over the last decade it’s truly amazing.
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  14. Still here🤣
  15. Ayyy there’s a familiar face 😛
  16. Slayer boob!
  17. It was good till 2012

  18. Is this the real bob!? 😳👀
  19. yesssir. the one and only 😛
  20. Where my 11 club at?