5th Anniversary Trivia

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. 11,803,737,000
  2. 11,803,735,000
  3. 11,803,735,000
  4. Someone got it right! Bravo someone. A Seal goes to you.
  5. Someone is correct, take away 2k for the tutorial lands unlocked
  6. The app kawculator is wrong that's deceitful
  7. Damn so close 
  8. Thanks for playing along everyone! We'll be back later with some more trivia :D
  9. @kaw_com or @kaw_admin
    If we win 2 in forums are we allowed to win in wc?
  10. Do i always miss these by a few minutes? :(
  11. To keep things fair it's two wins per day regardless of where they take place.
  12. Okay thank you I'll check back in tomorrow
  13. when next trivia? Will stay up all night if i have to :/
  14. is it possible to make a riddle as a question?
  15. I hate riddles
  16. to be honest, if its a good one and a challenge then im cool with it. if its a stupid one, i hate em too