5th Anniversary Celebration

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. I got the achievement n no 1% or fireworks or health crystal thought it was immediately done ? Happy anniversary Kaw
  2. If you have resets do you not get the bonus?!?
  3. Thank you! We badges and goodies. Nice job guys.
  4. Nice! Well done!
  5. Achievements are based on your original creation date, and even if you've reset that time will count towards your total.
  6. I got 3yrs, I've been playing for longer....
  7. I don't see the bonus and other people that have resets don't see it.
  8. My bonus is ZERO been her 4 years FIX MINE PLS
  9. When will plunder spells become effective? As it could happen when players are asleep. Will there be a way maybe to credit a players account and cast it when it's best for them ?
  10. Sweetness,, this actually doesn't appear to be all fluff, sounds fun
  11. I have the resets I got 3yrs, I've played since the October of the games release.
  12. I have the achievement just no bonuses from it.
  13. But am playing 3 years instead of 2 years, seeing another reaction like that before, guess more will follow 
  14. Also does the 100% plunder spell stack with existing spells
  15. #fail

    Would be nice if devs have a more daily input on the forums and wc in general even if it is just a hour a day. Make your presence known at least with a simple comment in forums or just a hi in wc.

    Kaw - a myth
    Kaw admin - presumed KIA
    Kaw creative - died within the depths of the kaw grave yard
    Kaw community - limps on forums now and then

    Don't get me wrong I love this game but it would be a great improvement if devs had a better input...

    Just would be nice if you had competitions on a weekly basis, like trivial to art competition for new equipment on a eb or something. What ever happened to kaw creatives avi design ideas he has plenty of suggested designs only?
  16. Can we have a choice for the 2 hours because when we first login it's just unload and go to work?
  17. I was born an alt a year ago today, now the main is reset an this account is main :) been a busy 365 days,which reminds me at what year does the 1% plunder bonuses start? Kindly don't say every year cause if that was true I'd have a spell lol