5th Anniversary Celebration

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  1. if it would work people could use it during war to gain an unfair advantage and i dont think its easy to turn it off for that time. also, yes people buy seals and xtal, if there was no HTE people would xtal on TS or TSG. and the seals.. its not like people dont buy them anyway
  2. I'm fairly certain mage success rate is up as well, maxed out 3 eq today 
  3. This game is strictly for selling seals/horns/xtals/nobs more now than ever before. EVERYTHING and I meen EVERYTHING is based around the spenders now. Why would devs spend there precious time fixing PvP so its better for people whk enjoy old school KaW without spending money. When they can milk their seal cows for more money in events like these. It is so stupid. I understand they have a buisness to run. But, really!? I have seen really cool and hardcore kaw players retire from the actions/releases/events by ATA over the past. few months. It is sickening. They are all about themselves to the end. Then what? Their cows have been milked so long they will be outraged. This game continues to grow and leaving new players in the dust. Instead of having a loyal player base of hundreds of thousands spending money. They cater to a couple hundred maybe a thousand cows. So they can be milked. No, just no. And you are all blind.

  4. I'm fully aware that is what they do mike. But i don't care.

    It isn't a big deal if i never catch up.

    It isn't a big deal if people drop thousands of dollars a week on a tap tap game.

    That just makes you realize who is under mommy and daddy's protection financially.

    Stop complaining and deal with it. It's not gonna change, so waste your energy on tap tapping an hte, rather than fighting an impossible battle.
  5. No fire works here. I'm mad I want to use them n make the sky light up
  6. plz unsilence all! so we can party along
  7. So many people complaining, shut up and play the game. So what of hte is taking over the game. Gives people the chance to build these trillion gold buildings. Makes the Allie market more alive. Ss ts and tsg pay around 50mil less a hit
  8. Yea my mage didn't fail, got my greaves to lvl 10 and my ring to lvl 10. 5 lvl upgrade on my greaves, not a single fail
  9. How do you turn this magic spell on anyway? Lmao
  10. Though i lost my original account, this makes four years of gameplay. Those who've been around for a while know me as proffittopia. Congrats to everyone who gets those long time veteran badges. And i hope to see more people get there as our time in KaW progresses.
  11. [​IMG]

    Congratulations on all your success, I wish you all the best in future.

    ~ Shak.
  12. I'd like to second Bysa's suggestion for recognizing clan longevity...it's worth an achievement in its own right
  13. Hi ppl I'm bck:):):):)
  14. How far am I from getting my year madel
    Kaw plz look into
  15. Developers, I did not receive the 100% Plunder Spell. Please, Fix.

    Happy 5th Anniversary, Kingdoms at Wat

    Happy Kawing, Everyone.

  16. I just logged on myself no plunder spell either. I just assumed it is because I said they are ******* morons for only giving one medal in Indy wars.
  17. @King Arthur

    Responding to your post - please wait, devs are getting to the top of this matter and will resolve it real soon.

  18. I bet the mods are paid to post good reviews. Make them heartfelt at least. All the mods comments were just synonyms one each other's. 
  19. turning five years on october 11(in game) hoping for at least 5 more (dont believe me look it up)