5th Anniversary Celebration

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. I have an idea for stuff to give out or release on the later days.

    How about some spy banners that match the atk ones? Same style, same materials to enchant, just spy instead of atk.

    Pretty please? This can't be that hard and you'd sure make a lot of folks very happy.
  2. Monkeys are not apes! There is a difference.
  3. #ILovethisanniversary, but I suggest they should also make it so we can receive equipments #ILoveequipments.
  4. Happy 5th Anniversary KAW, the game really terrible cool. Thx for the gift.
  5. Woohoo! Happy 5th anniversary!!
  6. Happy 5th anniversary kaw
  7. 100 member roaster will be messy. No support..dang.Óź°
  8. A recommendation, for the 100% Plunder Bonus. How about, the players get to use it. On that, day whenever they feel necessary to use it. Instead, of making it for the first time you log into on that day.

    - You have received a 100% Plunder Bonus. Go to the Market Place to claim your reward.
    - At market place, button "Plunder Bonus".

    Happy 5th Anniversary, Kingdoms at War

    Happy Kawing, Everyone.
  9. @ kaw admin is new achievement based on something slightly different then the old one as iv'e been playing kaw since just after the beta so over four years now but the new achievement only says 2 has mine glitched or something
  10. Please make the plunder bonus spell usable when it's a good time for each player. Last page had a good idea on it. Or maybe an item we could exchange for it.
  11. Congrats on bday I hope there's many more to come
  12. But. But where are the pvp updates
  13. Happy Birthday kaw and thanks for the new eb. Hope that the game will get better.
  14. 12:08am PDT........
  15. You lit up your rival with Anniversary Fireworks! Now raze them to the ground with another blast!


    Enemy fireworks blew up your camp

    :lol: i don't know why i love that so much, but i do.
  16. Support because you brought back the fun pvp attack pot!!!
  17. thanks devs...more xtals please ;)