50 xtal giveaway. Broncos vs raiders

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  1. 21-17 broncos

    Broncos just have the edge
  2. 28-14 broncos

    Broncos will be just to good on the day.
  3. 40-6 Broncos

    Broncos defense has been on point this year and I don't think the raiders can score a Td against it maybe a few field goals but not a touch down
  4. Broncos 17
    Raiders 12

    Ugly game with lots of turnovers
  5. Broncos 24
    Raiders 12

    Broncos defense holds up in the rz
  6. Broncos 37-13

    Tim lunch thinks this will be the score
  7. Bro code 31-17

    Kyle Montgomery thinks this will be the score.
  8. 22 - 16 Broncos
    16 - 12 Broncos

    I think Broncos have a very strong and competitive side
  9. Broncos 34-17
    Broncos D will make it tough for the Raiders along with the altitude. And my man Peyton just too good for the Raiders pass rushers.
  10. 25 broncos, 19 raiders
  11. 24-10 broncos i just see a repeat of the constant pressure on the qb fron last weeks game
  12. 27 -13 Broncos, 6 out of 7 against raiders says it all
  13. 34-10 broncos, As said in last post, they have the momentum in winning 6 of last 7 against raiders
  14. 7-20 raiders. Woodson is getting his elusive manning interception, and he's going to run it in for a touchdown on top of it.
  15. Broncvos win 28-13 because their coaching staff will will out coach the raiders
  16. Raiders win

    28-13 because their offense is underrated and Peyton Manning arm might fall off
  17. 24 bronco - 13 raiders

    The bronco defense will cause turnovers and the offense will March down the field with great 3rd down conversion %. The raiders will cause turnovers that will lead to points if they get close enough for a field goal. And some lucky drives will yield some points for the Raiders.
  18. Broncos 27 raider 22 broncos has a better defense and there cornerbacks are amazing but who knows its football anything could change
  19. 31-13 Broncos.
    While the Raiders are getting better, I believe Manning will eventually start calling plays on the field like he used to do.
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