$50 Holiday Give Away!

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  1. Im thankful for the leaderboard players who make it impossible for others to have an opportunity to get on it. You the real MVP
  2. Although I've known him for a short amount of time, I am nominating my potatoe loving friend, BH_King-Of-Terror_BH.

    He has endured my tantrums, rants, my obsession for world domination and lifting, all the while never once asking for anything in return; A true friend I am learning to know as each day passes quickly

    He is a great clan mate and always maintains enthusiasm for the lamest tasks, such as EB Unlocks, but because of him.. We do them and pretend to enjoy it. Who knew this could establish a sense of unity and team work? Thanks Kot

    And He is the best KAW owner. Why? If he owns you, he will share his seals, and lots of them. Kot knows how to make it rain 

    Since I have gotten to know him, He has taught me to be kind and sharing(even with my own seals) and and most importantly patient. Woo-sah!  Kot is fun and kewl, I guess. I've even EE'd once because he made it seem fun ( I had no idea what I was doing despite his teachings)  #imjustslow

    Now that you too have listened to my /tinyrant, I do not wish the $50 dollars for myself, but would prefer the 50$ to go to someone who truly deserves it, King-Of-Terror *moonface*
  3. I would like to nominate my owner RFL_Twilight_RFL. I've know twilight for a while now and not only has he/she helped me in many ways in Kaw but he/she also helped me with a real life issue regarding a certain doll that my daughter was after for Christmas and couldn't be got anywhere in my country. He/she went online and found this doll and purchased it, sent it to me and saved Christmas for my daughter. So if anyone deserves this holiday giveaway that your giving, it's RFL_Twilight_RFL
  4. Thank you Percy for the honour. For the record, it is 28 years in National Guard. My last command was 151st Calvary Regiment. I hope you and our friends well.

    I want to recommend Sir_sup_a_lot_of_pop-off.

    He is my mentor and a good friend. He helped me in game and out. He taught me how to kaw, and listened to me when I told him of my war experience. And a shoulder to cry on. A true friend. Popa was and is there for me. A true hero in my heart.
  6. Choosing to bump this and the kaw player of the year because I feel ppl are getting the threads confused..In my opinion. Take the time and read both threads and make your own opinion..thanks
  7. Saber should get it because he (I thinks it's a he) is so helpful and nice
  8. I would like to nominate my buddy magic____man____phoenix , who is my ally.. It's been a bumpy road in this life we call kaw.. Even in dark times he has stuck by me and kept the friendship strong.. It's hard to find friends like this , and I'm very proud to have found a friend on a tap tap game.
    If anyone deserves a gift on this game it is him.
  9. I'd like to thank my owner and long time friend


    When I first joined his clan a long, long time ago I was still a noob (and he always says I still am) and didnt know how to do anything apart from run ambush; he helped me grow and helped me learn from him, whether it be learning new ebs or teaching me how to strip someone, he has taught me basically everything I know about this game. Although we've had our ups and downs, I can certainly say he has made me the player I am now and the player I will be in the future.
  10. Bump.

    So many awesome stories that I decided to put the names in a hat and draw a winner.

    Winner will be announced shortly.
  11. -OK- is the winner of the $50.
  12. So exciting, that suspense
  13.  I nominated ok, he is a great mate, Well deserved!!!
  14. I don't want the prize and even if I won it, I'd just give it to someone else. But I'd like to say that xtreme is probably my closet friend and yet worst enemy. We met a long time again, it wasn't a pretty meeting, he was involved in a strip on me. He sat on me for days, and I was getting a little pissy, which was normal for me back then. I didn't know why, didn't understand why someone would do that. I just came back from quitting to find I was being farmed. I didn't even know what that meant as I did not play very long before I lost my ipod. I called him some names I'm not proud of and he just laughed at it.

    Now, after a few years of bickering and fight we have found a friendship long deserved. Even though I will eventually sit on him for days... Maybe not today but eventually.
  15. I want to give thanks to my best friend RPL_is__XEAM__is_RPL In my 3yrs i have played this game,(no not on this account),he has been the thru meaning of friend. He has helped me thru some very dark times in my life and as many times is i have told him to get lost he has always stood there by my side through it all.He has also been a amazing mentor on this game he was one of the first players i meet when i started playing who showed me how to play and not get frustrated when growth slowed down.His amazing heart and good willed personality makes him an amazing man. I just want to say Thank you xeam for always being there when i needed a true friend and a shoulder to cry on and the rock i needed in my dark times.

    Always and Forever My Friend
  16. Announced the lucky winner was -OK-
  17. I would like to thank myself.
    Appreciate the power of self.