5 Years Old

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I just recently got the 5 year achievement for playing and I was thinking to myself, how many more also have been play kaw since close to the beginning of the game?

    Id like to meet my fellow oldies!
  2. Congrats on the 5 Years Achievement! :)
  3. 6 years, dang since you are so new you need any tips?
  4. Youre only 5?
    Reported for being underage. Game is 9+

  5. Baahahahahahahahahahahah
  6. Grats on your 5 year :)
  7. :lol:
  8. I've been playing since 2001 on my Nokia
  9. Did you Bluetooth your actions to ata head quarters :lol:
  10. I want 6 year achievement cos the old ones look worse lol
  11. Nah I just walked up and hit the door 26 times and then snuck around the back and hit again 3 more times. Skimmed HQ until it submitted to my pretty goodness. I am the KaW Overlord

    Nokia Master Race
  12. That sounds pretty good
  13. I've been playing 6 years. Started with KaW, got hooked on FC for years, then came back to KaW once FC shut down. My original account is long gone.
  14. Same, i used to be spragga but lost the loginÓźé
  15. I got it too!!!
  16. I been playing a little over 5 years. A lot has changed. Some for the better, mostly for the worse.
  17. Only 5? Man when I was your age...
  18. my original account would be at 5 years :cry: