3rd Annual All Star War Annoucement

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by admin, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. Idk if this has been asked but, I was in clan 1 we lost omg they were though( clan 7 ) great job guys hard to get through. I stayed up n worked hard ranked 124 in clan but #39 in war. When and how do we receive our rewards I know small but still... Will it be after all rounds complete???

    Thx devs hard work I wouldn't want to do it 
  2. When do the rewards will be released?
  3. Who cares when they come out?? I'll personally give mine up if it means all the noob leakers get noting too.
  4. When will the next all star war be?
  5. God this broke my heart i was like WOO HOO ASE
  6. When I see this thread makes me want to quit knowing it's gone and devs only care about money and not the players
  7. Bravo thanks for bringing back ASW.
  8. Cruel, just plain cruel.
  9. Good times 
  10. Please post times in more than one tz how many times do we have to ask!
  11. Damn I should know to check dates lol
  12. What ah let down this was. I didn't check date either.
  13. Didn't check the date:(
  14. Wish i could participate
  15. ... Even know there is no ASW this year... How can I find my rank on the overall lb?
  16. Excited at first glance, now utter disappointment.
  17. Well there's already been 3 ASW so kinda obviously bumped
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.