3rd Annual All Star War Annoucement

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by admin, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. No words on sign up. It will be announced at NZT 5am on September 19th. Good luck to all.

    See you in my ASW Clan or in my target sight. :):)
    Make friends n war. 
  2. Will there be stripping of ally ?
  3. Yes. Absolutely. Please use Oath of Fealty to hide your allies. Not that helps since people have already SS'd your allies by now. Mine are I m sure. :)
  4. Just incase everyone is wondering my build.

    24 L3 SoS
    4 L3 Volary
    8 L2 Volary
    2 L3 Tortured Gardens
    5 L3 Colony
    6 L2 Colony
    1 L3 Castle

    It's actually built for TGL n Haunting. It's an EB Build. But works fine in Wars too. :)
  5. Ty for sharing  scout still not showing build
  6. HoneyBox, why am I blocked by you dear?
  7. A Case Study of the Top Player of ASW 2011

    His Build was:
    10 Spy Def Fortresses
    1 SoS
    28 CoEs
    1 Castle
    10 Titans

    The 10 Spy Def prevents Assassinations after a certain time. Basically if your SoS was DTW, you can't be Assassinated either, bcos of the fixed Spy Def.

    10 Spy Def = 20 SoS, just check the maths.
    You're only vulnerable against Heavy Hansels. But not pure spies, bcos your BFA is already pretty huge.

    Titans have enough Defence to take care of Attacks from Cursed Foundries n Circle of Elements.
    Circle of Elements give you a 2x attack reach.

    But with T5s we shall have to see who wins this time and make another Case Study.
  8. Is this the signing up for 3rd asw channel ? Kindly let me know. Thank You.
    Btw., may I know what should I write in ?
  9. What do I post on the feedback?
  10. DON'T post via feedback. We waiting to know HOW to apply.
  11. SIGN UP IN ANOTHER 10Hpurs n 36Minutes

    You're Cloverly aren't you dear.
    I know only a few girls who block me.
  12. Oh anyway. Happy belated Birthday Cloverly. It's only two days past now.
    So HoneyBox isn't Cloverly. Hmmmm
    Like Chief says. HoneyBox sounds kinky. Lol
  13. All right. Due to the short notice n all.

    Reporting incoming n outgoing hits. (So Important)

    Let's say KaW_Admin hits you.

    You report:
    INC KaW_Admin 11/13/9 48m
    This means KaW_Admin hit you 11 times successfully out of 13 tries burning 9 of your Defence pots and you lost 48m total.
    Believe me KaW_Admin probably received 38-60m a hit. Nothing to laugh about.

    If anyone steals, scouts, assassinates you successfully, you can't see the Kingdom name, so just report.

    INC STL 11/11/9 8m
    Means incoming steals 11 successful out of 11 tries 9 spy def pots burned and 8m stolen from you

    Or if there is a missed steal / assassinate / scout, the kingdom name will show. Then you report:

    INC ASA KaW_Admin 11/12/9
    Meaning KaW_Admin Assassinated you 11 successful out of 12 burning 9 of your spy def pots

    Outgoing hits.

    Let's say you attack KaW_Admin:

    You report in CC

    ATK Kaw_Admin 11/13/11 np 855m
    Means you attacked Kaw_Admin 11 times successfully out of 13 tries burning 11 of his Def pots and you received 855m in gold.

    If you Steal / Assassinate / Scout Bomb KaW_Admin

    You report:

    STL KaW_Admin 13/16/9 np 400m
    Means you stole from KaW_Admin 13 ted successfully out of 16 tries burning off 9 of his Spy Def pots and stole 400m. And he's still not pinned (np)
  14. ASA - Assassinate
    STL - Steal
    SCT - Scout
    SCB - Scout Bomb
    ATK - Attack
    NP/np - Not Pinned

    Other also please add. Noobs need crash training. Doubt we have time for that when war starts.
  15. How do we apply for all star?
  16. 5am Australian time will be tough. Just gotta make sure I set up my alarm to sign up.
  17. Another 8H 26M for sign up.
    Details will be given at that time.
  18. In Singapore, I have to stay a wake at 3am 
  19. Me too shadow warrior 
  20. You guys realize it took 8-10 hours (i think) to get the 4 teams last year right?
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