2020 Winter Tournament

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  1. 2020 Winter Tournament

    Hello everyone, welcome to the final seasonal war tournament of the 2019-2020 season! Please find the information below.

    • Date: January 29th-31st
    • Time: 2-4 PM each day PST
    • Initial Sign-Up: Starts at 3:00 PM PST on January 28th (players have ~22 hours to sign up)
    • War Length: 2 hours
    • War Type: Kingdom and Allies Only - NO DTW/DTS
    • Crystals usable: 2
    • # of teams: 8
    • Max clan size: 100
    • Total max player size: 800
    • Minimum Player Rank: 20,000

    • Only 1 account per player
    • Players cannot be inactive for any of the wars
    • Players cannot leak
    • Players cannot mole
    • Players cannot leave their war clan until their clan loses or the tournament is over. We will manually disband the clans. Any EBs that have been started will be forfeited as a result when they are disbanded
    • Players who cheated during the Fall tournament cannot participate in the Winter tournament

    Rewards (for the winners):
    • 750 Silver Bars
    • 10 Health Crystals
    • 1000 Deepmine Tokens
    • Sovereign Lion Workshop Wall
    • Shield of the Lion
    • Crown of the Sovereign Lion
    • Armored Ovcharka
    • Achievement: 2019 Champion of Winter
    • Winter Emoji around your name
    • Banner of the Sovereign Lion (if you don't already have one)
    • 3 Sovereign Tokens

    Players who do not win will still receive rewards, but will get fewer rewards.

    ***NOTE*** The rewards will be given out on Tuesday February 4th, which will allow customer support time to remove any players who have broken the rules or abused the system.

    Please note that any war emojis earned will expire one year after the tournament.

    At this point, there are no plans to run further seasonal tournaments during the 2020-2021 year, but we'll be working on various new types of events for players who enjoy PvP!
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  2. "At this point, there are no plans to run further seasonal tournaments during the 2020-2021 year, but we'll be working on various new types of events for players who enjoy PvP!"

    Tbh i think these war are nice and they should def come back year to year its fix event that allow player to get outside the eb routine. Please reconsider this 👍
  3. Agreed. Is there any reason as to why the Seasonal Wars are being ended?
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  4. Wowwww so now us who work normal jobs are just left out of war events? Nice, thanks devs
  5. Is EE affected by this?
  6. Yet again another tournament during the work week. Do you guys not realize that those of us that have jobs also pay your bills? Thanks for nothing. I won't be spending anymore on this game.
  7. Well for starters, since wars have been on week days attendees have drops significantly so yeah seasonal tourneys not a good idea. If they are replaced with PvP events that can span the week or weekends why would you want a tuesday noon war when you can have more encompassing events?
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  8. Just like everything in this game...
    They take something a lot of people like,
    change it to appease 10 percent who complain,
    tick off 50 or more percent who quit doing it.

    I have done every war tournament, (EE season, special, seasonal, ASW), for years. It’s the only thing left in this game I enjoy other than my clan mates. Please find a way to keep these tournaments alive. (You’ve already nearly killed EE wars, don’t let tournaments follow).

    Why not try a single day tournament on a Saturday? 2 hour wars, hour or 2 between rounds. The last two tournaments had no issues, the system seems to be working, so should not require a large amount of support to work on a Saturday. Players should be able to plan ahead for a single day on the weekend easier than 3 work days with only a single week of notice. Give us at least 2 weeks of prior notice and participation should increase. Also put it on one of the login announcements like the events so everyone knows.
  9. There are no plans to continue this in 2020/21 yet this is one of the few things people actually look for forward to.

    The same reskinned events every 2 weeks are lame. I’d much rather scrap those and put more effort into improve these.
  10. So few people do seasonal wars now. Not because we aren't interested. The reason is it's during the week. School and work are busier during the week. Yet devs will look at drop in participation and decide the kaw community does not want them. Not sure why I bothered to add to this. They don't actually care about war. The name needs changed.
    Oh yay - another 14 day event just like the last -- insert sarcasm
  11. Wow they really ran these wars for 1 year and decided it takes too much time to run and manage because all they are accustomed to doing are copy paste legends where they spend 15 minutes coming up with a pitiful story line
  12. It really should not take the devs much time though. Wars already run 5x per day. Just change the parameters (clan size, war time, etc..) and click run. I am also upset these are going away. Only reason I spend money on solo NKs for LB bfa... sit on people during wars, especially seasonal/championship wars.
  13. Devs please let plan some more seasonal wars, why not run anymore ? Will there still be all star war?
  14. 😂 after all these years of doing ebs these seasonal wars were great why would you take them from me give em back I made good friends during these wars 😭
  15. It’s the last war of the 2019-2020 season.... means there are more seasonal wars in the 2020-2021 season lol pls read it properly
  16. I’m trolling😂
  17. 18th comment

    Wow 😂. Devs pls stop this event after event... it is ruining the fun of EB/Clan Loyalty Etc... just do 1 event per month, offer promos for seals/Pemium items

    Boost Eb plunder on all EB to adjust to the Market/Current situation,

    Return the Original Estoc Wa Seasons this should be S7/S8 / ASW and maybe do 2 Similar to ASW but in Low Land Format, No charm/ Ally Cap and Individual type random KO and any one with more than 6months playing Can join. The fun for these 2 summer wars

    I still enjoy warring in this Indi style, Wish we had weeeknd war rosters of 50+ folks for 6 hrs plunder wars🙃🙃
  18. I was looking forward to this since last one. Love these huge wars. Thought devs were doing good when I came back last October but I guess not.
  19. players cannot leak
    players cannot be inactive

    ☺️ i hear you ☺️
    yeeeees theyyy caaaan.
    and will be 🙈
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