2019 Summer Tournament Rework

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  1. That’s way too much time. An hour is more than enough.
  2. So I was in the semi finals and only got a fates boon? Surely that’s not right?
  3. What a waste of time and disrespect for those who won the first round. 
    Unprofessionalism at it's peak. This "new" dev team really shows it's inexperience.
  4. This reward sucks
  5. you a got a crux and royal key too , would bet yoy got DM plates and furni on top of that, alongside sovreign tokens and banner
  6. What is a lostone?
  7. Rewards definitely not worth it, -.- wow waisted hours
  8. - Next weekend, July 19-21, we will be running all three rounds of the tournament again. They will be held at the same times (Friday 2 PM, Saturday 11 AM, Sunday 8 AM Pacific time)

    All warring players have been compensated with:
    • 5 Health crystals
    • 300 Silver bars
    • 150 Deepmine crestplates
    • 1 Sovereign lion wall
    • 1 Banner of the sovereign lion
    • 1 Summer achievement (participant/bronze)
    • 1 Crux chest
    • 1 Lotstone
    • 1 Royal chest key
    • 1 Royal Deep Forest Box

    Additionally, players who won the first round will also receive:
    • 5 additional Health crystals
    • 300 additional SIlver bars
    • 450 additional Deepmine crestplates
    • 2 Sovereign tokens
    • 1 Stone lion - right
  9. who even are all you new dumb developers, you dont even have ATA banner wut
  10. What bs. So you basically gave us the rewards we were owed but no additional compensation for the HOURS wasted. If you hadn't messed up I may have been a finalist. You should be giving all of us semi-finalists the finalist rewards because now who knows if the same people can war or will make it that far next weekend. You screwed up so make it right please.
  11. This is awesome. I was hungover celebrating my wife’s B’Day. Now we both can war next weekend. Perfect timing lol

    I’ll keep checking in here to read the comedy relief of the Gimme Gimme Gang posting til next weekend.
  12. So... we’re essentially getting the rewards we would’ve gotten if we’d lost. Amazing compensation for the hours and hours we’ve wasted and for those of us who lost our place on the event LB.
  13. It’s not really Gimme Gimme. You know those hours you spent enjoying your wife’s birthday? We wasted those just to be told we’d have to do it all over again next weekend if we want the rewards we didn’t get.

    Coincidentally, next weekend is my birthday weekend so now I’m SOL.
  14. What kinda crap is this. You give basically the rewards that we earned for being a semi finalist but nothing for having us waste a day doing nothing. Are you guys idiots? Hey here is our apology for messing up the event. We don’t give you anything. Thanks for the kick in the nuts devs.
  15. so does this mean it starts back at round 1, if we lost we get another shot?
  16. 1st war i’ve ever missed in my years of KaW. Mulligan
  17. Correct
  18. If I was supposed to have received all those rewards already I did not get them ☹️
  19. Haven't received it either
  20. can literally see in your showcase you did