2018 All Star Wars Information

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  1. If they get found out, they get a shattered sword. Idk how that helps the people currently warring though. Perhaps ATA should assign a volunteer in each clan to oversee and those volunteers have a direct line of communication to the developers. Perhaps that’s one way of introducing non top 10k participation as well.
  2. Pls ReDo ASW give a pet And restart ASW ... I myself was in xtal jail
  3. I agree restart asw and have 2 brackets top 10k and top 20k
  4. -Some people hit xstal jail before 6 xstals used
    -One team had 35% stat bonus (on all 4 stats) and other team didn't
    -Intentional leaks weren't dealt with even though Devs "were investigating"
    -Lag in last two hours meant sko'ing during the most crucial part of war was near impossible
    -Use of bots and / or autoclickers was blatantly obvious, nothing done about it
    -Multiple accounts being used
    -Allies should have been locked and stripping made impossible.
    -Members of a clan alliance that I won't name, used their accounts to throw the wars so that their council made it to 2nd round.

    Did I miss anything?
  5. pink is going to win semifinals then final
  6. You miss That maybe some OSW player might of throw Wars .. Strange other Alts Acc have very few actions... This ende up being a mess And They need To address this issue..
  7. Restart ASW please!
  8. ASW is Kaw’s biggest community event that happens once a year, please allow more than 1500 to participate when there are exponentially more people in the community.
  9. Throw a cash at ATA and they will start it again

    Ps: Cash Is God
  10. Lol. Sounds like typical KAW behavior. This contributed to why I sat out this year. Think I'm done with this game - what's the point?

    -can't actually meaningfully impact other players accounts (stripping / attacking)
    -rate of progression too slow.
    -more and more technical issues.
    -event equipment no longer larger stats than current.

    Oh, and all red (no green) ko notifications? Bwahahaha.

    -Rad (6yr player & one of the original S1/S2 top war trackers)
  11. We have noted this down for future events.
  12. - We have reset the xtal jail for the next round and will continue to do so, but I am aware this could have affected the outcome of the match
    - No team had a 35% bonus during the first round, but we are aware that two teams had bonuses that other teams did not.
    - It takes a long time to investigate leaks, and whether a player is intentionally leaking versus not being very good
    - Currently looking into the lag issue, but there doesn't appear to be anything out of the ordinary on our end
    - Botting is something we can look into, but it does take time.
    - Allies are not locked for ASW, and stripping is allowed
    - If you want to report players for throwing wars, you definitely can and we'll look into it

    As mentioned before, we'll run another event in a similar style to ASW to try and make up for the experience, and we'll work on fixing each issue that arises so that the future rounds run smoothly.
  13. Well sounds like you fixed it to me.please bring back the red and green colors for wars. That aspect was much better than all the same colors.
  14. Crystal Jail was early before using 6.
  15. Great to hear that I spent 6 hours of my day and 6 xtals only to find out that cyan clan had a advantage over us and not only that but many people hit xtal jail too early and there was lag. Now this does not sound fair at all I beieve those affected should receieve some compensation like a banner or something to atleast make up for all the time spent by the players on the gold team. This is very unfair and please next time fix these issues and make sure the system is perfect before players invest a minimum of 6 hours into a series of wars that requires a great deal of commitment. The main problem I have with this is at the end we pulled the gap to 3T but the entire war could have gone differently if it wasnt for the advantage they had just maybe!
  16. well i was 14min late to join in but i see kaw still cant get this game on a fair playing feild so im not missing out. laborday weekend in usa good luck to those who waste most of this family time.
  17. I think devs we're baised towards cyan so gave them bonus in first round
  18. Actually it's because it was the winning clan from last year so had bonuses unlocked already. Was an oversight it seems. They didn't purposefully give them an advantage and was a simple mistake. That doesn't make it better but it's not fair to say it was on purpose.
  19. So devs did it on purpose you say?

  20. Doesn’t matter if was on purpose or not ....ATA is supposed to be a business, spending players are supposed to be customers. There are no excuses and there’s nothing to be judged as “fair” or not.