2014 Dragon Melee

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  1. I will like this event if rewards better! and not hard to get!
  2. well united tourers going on their tour-de-kaw....lets even the battle field & make it so u must do 25% damage to revenge to get eggs.....or take away eb cooldown 2 level the playing field.......or the same clan that took 80% of the top rewards in feather hunt will doit again.....i give up,if i collect em who cares....@least im not paying 4 ur brand new xj-220's w my lunch money.....join the official boycott thread,many players outraged about the b2b events 4 prizes.....when i started,wwar was how u got special equips.....these ppl must be scared of battle
  3. If you don't like it, don't participate -.- ima get my gear tho :D
  4. Just look at the equipment from feather hunt, a load of rubbish so don't expect any better chasing eggs NO SUPPORT
  5. They said the equipment will be comparable to season 2 chest plate. In other words outdated in a few weeks
  6. Devs and kaw_community, you have got to be joking!? Apparently players weren't quite pissed off enough for devs after the last hunt promotion. LMAO ZERO SUPPORT.
  7. That being said....would it be possible to get some dragon bacon with my eggs please? Lol
  8. I'm sorry kaw_community but I believe you have lied to is in your previous posts on this thread.

    On numerous times you have said that these hunts so not take developers away from developing the game... Correct? ( I don't know how to quote... Apologies)

    If so, during the last hunt, who created the feather ebs? Were they not developers? So the devs were tasked with creating a temporary set of ebs rather than developing the game? Does this not contradict what you, yourself have said?

    Alongside this is my query... Where is the latest scraggles eb, there's smoke screen and the summoner. How long does it take to make more, or are the eb developers wasting their time on "hunt ebs"

    Voltron ️
  9. See pages 5 and 12 for where kaw community says these hunts don't require the resources of developers...

    And apologies for typos in my above comments

    Voltron ️
  10. Heck yeah Voltron  You tell them how it is

    And can we get an update on when the egg lb will be given out? I need to know whether or not to try or norb
  11. The equipment is like you will win a phone. We not gonna tell you but its comparable to the s5. When event is finally over u get an s2 which is worse than your current phone
  12. Its apparent the devs have run out of ideas for the game...aside from adding ebs and hunt events. The don't answer the call to revise PvP because they don't know how to do that and make money from it. That's what they are here to do...make money...period. You don't buy xtals and seals to hit bl or osw. That aspect has been ignored purposely, they would have to spend resources to update that aspect of the game while gaining no return. Don't hold your breath folks. Poor kaw_community has basically resorted to "don't shoot the messenger" replies. Lol
  13. **** this event
  14. Everyone has the option to participate or not, if you don't wanna do it don't. One thing I would ask of devs is PLEASE PLEASE mix up the ebs that drop eggs, I can't bear another month of reck
  15. Make all actions count on promos so you get rewards (eggs ) for hitting people and if your short your going to need to xtal on people or ebs or buy seals to make the promo required number.

    It's not that hard to think of how to add an incentive to pvp.

    Decent equipment people want. All actions except scouts reward eggs pvp or eb and the sales still will happen. People will enjoy their gameplay chasing something they want without cursing crap match ups. For best equipment. Time and effort and investment will be rewarded.
    And their are many other simple tweaks devs could do for battle list to encourage purchases. But until they stop fobbing us off then why tell em how to earn more money when they don't show an interest in the community.
  16. Devs...you have basically made it impossible for even the top 5% of active players to get the best rewards. There is no way in hell I'm going to clan hop for warbeasts for weeks with basically a 0% chance of getting seals and a 100% chance of getting equipment that is worse than what I won in season 1 EE.

    I'll not be spending any of my time more money in pursuit of this hunt. I'm sure I am among the majority here and not the minority.
  17. Welcome to kingdoms at eb. Pull up a couch....tap you fingers...empty into your wallet. If you dont like it, dont waste your breath. Devs are milking a cash cow. The devs proudly role out crap hunt #4...while Rome burns.

    Helping new players merely emotional spin. They simply get the new unsuspecting players thinking, no "hoping" this equip will give them the chance to war. New players emptying their wallets. The problem is...this is not a war game. No amount of crystals, hte or equipment will help them realise the false hope that the games name boasts.

    R.I.P. kingdoms at "War".
  18. Getting in the top 100 is a fantasy for even the most active players. You have to spend endless money on horns and change clans every 15 min for weeks. That's absurd. These hunts don't promote clan unity, pvp, osw or any other aspect of kaw other than pure greed.

    It's not the best way for ATA to turn a profit either IMO. More and more players are boycotting these hunts than are participating in them. The last hunt being the exception, because you could win seals and horns reasonably. The rewards for this hunt are a joke.
  19. What's the best EB for dropping these?