2011 Time Capsule

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  1. Hey guys!

    Just thought I'd make the 2011 KaW Time Capsule. Just something in, don't be shy, just leave a few words or something for future generations.

    Here's my entry:

    Hello future KaW, xtreme here. How're you guys? We just finally got the castle upgrade! Woohoo! Is T5 out yet? Mythril is pretty awesome! We finally got rid of pw's.. Hopefully noobs in your day aren't having mwars.. Well, best of luck to you, over and out.

    xTrEmE, tHe WiGgernaut
  2. Here's mine:
    God here; Just reminding you I hate you; Have a horrible day! 
  3. FAIL! Already made noob
  4. Well I started as a BIG NOOBthen it turns out u can change lol 
  5. What he said and hope there's some cool new features.Right now, I'm watching a ghost hunting show.
  6. Dear future,

    Does your generation spell mithril right?

  7. I am not a mod!!!-Matz
  8. Dear future kaw,

    I am a mod but the devs screwed my name and it's not green. That's at least what they said.
  9. Hey, that's legitimately what I write here, seeing as a large portion currently spells it wrong. It's not like I need to spend an hour or two typing something deep and complete that nobody will ever read.
  10. Side Note From A Farmer:

    I'm a farmer, or was originally. Plunder wars (Don't ask what they are, they're deceased) are gone, good riddens to loop-holed system wars. If someone farms you (attacks 5 times or more within 24 hours), retaliate with potions (and mithrils) and don't leave a complaining link.

    Also I know this was made, we cannot post in a Best Of thread that was made long ago before the updates.

  11. Dear future, HERP TO THE DERP
    no rly, if im still there in 12', Woot. Ya, no more pws. Now we can all hit fake monsters instead. -.-

    Also, I hate you all future people.
  12. I honestly thought it was spelled that way.. Now I won't spell it that way anymore..
  13. Hello, future KaW.

    How's it goin'? If you guys have MWars, I will come back, grow a lot and farm you. Btw, you guys got Skylands or Underground? :p
  14. Nice idea Xtreme 

    Mine is... Just trying to get my 140 land... Getting annoying haha. And some pudding annoyed me yesterday  but it was fun... Umm in forbidden pleasures for first time...  for secret purposes...  hmm harder than I thought jsw going on... Jr tyr is my prediction...

    Hi future self... You're kinda cute 
  15. In the year 2000
  16. Wonder what the ice castle will do....
  17. Dear Future Forumers,

    **** The Po-Lice

    ♕☣ CaptainCrayon ☣♕
  18. Dear future,

    Who wants to place bets on how bad the devs will screw the game up with the next update?