2 free xtals and 2 free nobs

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Big_Bad_MaGoo, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. Well this forum is for one purpose.

    To be spam so Devs sees we did NOT get our free stuff that we didn't deserve!!

    I got the 2 nobs but no xtals.

    Complain here 
  2. I got my xtals... Have you tried restarting the app like it says?
  3. This has already come to past. Lock this stupif **** mods

  4. I thought this was a thank you devs thread, you know they didnt had to do this.

    Be thankfull for what you get!
  5. WTF are we supposed to do with 2 nobs?!? 
  6. It was a mix up with the nobs and xtals, y'all should have read the full notification
  7. Reset the app again, you should get the crystals
  8. The free stuff that you deserve? where did you read that?
  9. I got both nob and xtals
  10. Ungrateful nooB's. Give ur heads a wobble the game is free and enjoyable the devs don't need to give u crap... stop ur ******* moaning u bunch of cry babies
  11. You don't deserve them both, *****
  12. stop complaining ggeeeezuzzchrist... moving on LOL
  13. Nerd rage alert Hey idiots read it properly and try to understand the joke. Free stuff we "didn't" deserve. It's pointless spam. Some people these days 
  14. How the can all of you not read?? It days stuff "we didn't deserve" 
  15. I dint get the xtals and i relog, still dont have it. Someone help me