2 accounts?

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  1. Is it possible to have two KaW accounts on one iPhone? If so, is this against the TOS?
  2. No support
  3. Multiple accounts on one device is permissible nowadays. You may not operate an unreasonable number of alts, however, or you risk support action taken against you.
  4. How can you transfer one account to another device if you lost the old device and if it will be your second account?
  5. If you already had it linked to an ATA ID account or Facebook, just use those account details to log in. If your lost account was not linked to ata Id or fb, send in a support ticket and ask for help recovering your account.

    Make sure your existing account is linked via ata id or fb, then go to "linked devices" and disconnect from your current device to log out. You will land at the new account creation page. At the top of the page, there is a button to log in to an existing account. Use this link and your second account's details to log in.
  6. You can buy cheap phones to own more accounts. That's possible.
    But you have to carry much when you go out😊