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  1. He meant around 80 accounts
  2. This reminds me of the old forum war between KaW and PimD, which was one of the most goofy, uncivilized, and overall hilarious moments I can recall. More of that, please.
  3. Agreed. Not listening or following through on what they say. It's a war game. I don't want to war pimd or play heckfire.
  4. No u aren't. I see ppl begging for war in Kingdoms at WAR. Yet, Nada. Events are identical every 14 days.
    We've asked for loyalty stuff, got it once then gone. Also you don't create and maintain loyalty by having ppl play something different.
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  5. It's funny how many say no one from Kaw want to play heckfire. Yet, there's a huge Kaw playerbase including myself. 😂😂 Even if they close Kaw today, how many mobile apps have reached the decade mark or beyond? That's honorable in itself.

    Although I don't want to see Kaw ever leave, it's inevitably going to happen one day. Who cares ? I'll keep playing until that day, and gladly receive my goodies for continuing on to another ATA game.
  6. I’ve already learned my lesson downloading and playing heckfire before. It sucked so bad. Won’t dare do it again.
  7. Stop advertising this rubbish on KaW site.
  8. What I read was “ Heckfire is dying. Kaw players please help “
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  9. So is asw happening?
  10. I've followed the link and downloaded the app and can't get it to open on my device. I've tried uninstalling and downloading it again, and that hasn't helped. Why are you sending us to a broken app?
  11. Cuz ur phones broken
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  12. Totally ridiculous
  13. No support. We’re playing KaW, not KoH. Seen plenty of other games try to push one player base to another one of their newer games and sadly, you know they do this because their new game isn’t renovating income or the players.
    Been playing KaW close to 10 years now..seems every year the disappointment settles a little deeper because KaW has always had such potential and it’s going to waste. But pushing us towards another game? Sad times indeed.
  14. Well i was going play, but I cannot connect my ata ID to my new account , gives me the option of switching to my old one and losing my new account or not linking at all

    Thanks ATA
  15. I already play, so I still get the rewards?
  16. No, you have to have a new account on the same ATA ID as your KaW account.
  17. I didn't see Ataqueen button but i linked the ata account. Now im lev 10 but no rewards yet
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  19. The number i see is 119 not 116. Am i in the right realm?
  20. No, you’re not. You need to use the referral code ATAQueens or ask support to move you to the kaw realm (number 116) 🙏