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  1. I already have a Kingdoms of Heckfire account – can I use that for this event?
    No! To be eligible for the rewards, you will have to start a brand new account from scratch in [ATA]Queens' realm.

    How do I make sure I get into [ATA]Queens' realm?
    Tap on this invite link.

    The link doesn't work?
    Try using ATAQUEENS in the Referral section under Extras (but only if you're TH8 or below).

    How do I start a new account if I already have one?
    To disconnect your old account and start a new account, please send in a ticket to the Heckfire support team and they’ll start you off with a new account!

    Do I need an ATA ID to participate?
    Heck yes! Without ATA ID, we won’t know which Heckfire account is connected to which KAW account. Be sure both your Heckfire and KAW accounts are connected with the same ATA ID.


    How long do we have to earn these Heckin’ cool rewards and also beat the PIMD realm?

    30 days! This event officially begins at 12 PM Pacific Time on August 20th and will end at 12 PM Pacific Time on September 20th.

    I reached [insert Town Hall level here] – why aren’t my rewards in my KAW account yet?!

    First, make sure your Heckfire and KAW accounts are connected with the same ATA ID. That’s how we’ll know which KAW account to give rewards to!

    Second, we will be distributing rewards on an hourly basis. This means, every hour, on the hour, we will be checking for Heckfire progress, and reward eligible KAW accounts who have also logged in within the past hour.

    Patience is key!

    How do we know which realm is winning the Top 250 Might War?

    Check your Heckfire mail every day after 2 PM Pacific Time! We will be sending out the Top 250 Might amounts of both realms every day.

    We will also be posting daily updates on the forums so everyone else can see!

    UPDATE: Due to an epic but unexpectedly high level of engagement across both realms, we will have to distribute rewards daily instead of hourly from today onwards. Rewards will be distributed on weekdays, ONCE A DAY between 11 AM to 7 PM Pacific Time.

    [ATA]Temptress is working hard to get it back to hourly but in the meantime, please expect your rewards to arrive in your KAW accounts once a day.

    only the mighty shall rule

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  2. Is this an announcement thread for an announcement?
  3. My comment was deleted 🥺
  4. [​IMG]

    Check this post on Thursday when it becomes an event... ;)
  5. I got you @Apporina_Tribute :)
    (Don't worry, it wasn't deleted. We just needed to recreate the thread)
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  6. Sounds like ASW
  7. Warrr
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  8. 👀 war war warrr
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  9. New war event ?
  10. I think new eb ?
  11. It's either ASW or ATA finally branched out from there copy and paste events and made a new engaging war event
    for a war game.

    ....Now that I think about it, it's probably asw.
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  12. It’s going to be a all new event that you have to spend 2x the nobs to win
  13. It's gonna have each games player base write good reviews for the other games with some xtals (or equivalent) prizes to the game that generates most reviews😏🙄
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  14. Tomorrow can’t get here quick enough 😩
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  15. I'm so confused but I'm in!
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  16. Our expections were low but holy ....
  17. Where's ASW?
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  18. Worst excu
    worst excuse of an event I’ve ever heard
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