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    Do what you can to prepare and fend of these mighty (but tiny) creatures!
    It seems everyone has BEE's on the brain, as all anyone can talk about in chat are BEES!
    (Maybe this Bee Bundle will do folks some good πŸ€”)

    OH NO! It also looks something odd is happening in the Market and THE BEES ARE GROWING!?!

    Hopefully we can get this bee problem taken care of before reset tomorrow (April 2nd)!

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  2. What’s the 499 nob upgrade? Legit or April fools?
  3. The Bee Beast Upgrade enlarged your beast to a more normal size and makes it upgradeable and dismantlable like regular beasts.
  4. No support. Couldn’t just do a fun April fools day event. Had to bring money involved into it if you want to have full advantage of the event.

    I understand it’s not mandatory to purchase, but otherwise the pet isn’t really useable.

    What happened to doing things for the people and not themselves.
  5. I haven't got a be yet πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  6. Funny thing is with the word changing I think this is the biggest update since new lands.
  7. How about focusing on actual game bugs and quality issues that have existed for years.
  8. 50$ to be able to upgrade the bee ☠️☠️ maybe 5$ is fair.. but 50 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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  9. The best part is their trashy ass mods are silencing accounts for this stupid crap.
  10. I wanted to upgrade the bee but hearing it gets bigger makes me not want to anymore. :(
  11. I was banned for 24 hours for replying 3 times a repeat message to get a bee gift . KAW has gone mad and can’t even reply to my questions after playing for 13 years I am so disappointed with this outcome
  12. Can't get the bee since I don't get speakers. Support tells me I get speakers from the spinner (huh?) or by having 6 lands open..i have 6 lands open. Plus the 25 from the start.
    I am sad, I would've loved a bee.
  13. Silly me, I was excited to have a free pet … disappointing that it can’t even be dismantled for mats, 499 nobs to make it usable is quite the money grab. Makes me wonder, are you intentionally killing KAW ?

    Also - when will you be fixing the constant β€œ rate KAW β€œ popup screen included in your iPhone update ?
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  14. Se
    Send in a complain about that, you should of gotten it