🎉A KaWse for Celebration🎉 - KaW Anniversary Contest

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  1. Absolutely!

    As a War Chief in my clan, I have been responsible for:
    - Providing leadership and mentoring to newer members
    - Helping determine the vision and direction for a team of up to 100
    - Serving guests by permitting access when appropriate and giving a warm welcome for above and beyond hospitality
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  2. We are all addicted 8F72FAA7-DFAD-4A84-AD62-142FC20034AC.jpeg

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  3. disregard my previous post. here is my submission

  4. I like this game i started this game year ago..... Wished I was playing this from many years..... Today it's anniversary is their but i m not surprised cause I am sure this game will continue for many century...... Always grow like thas @ kaw game
  5. ╔╔╗╔╣FIGURE@Devil Phantoms ╠╚╝╚╝OF DEATH 5m CS. 

    This was in 2012. Looked and found it in my old mobile. Only 5million cs and FoD was its biggest eb. The anniversary event triggered this because the clan is still here. I was trying to get ass in on the clan members but they are too small. KAW dont ever get old stay healthy and wise.
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  6. I was kawtiously optimistic this time :(
  7. Contest entry period has officially closed.
  8. At times you feel down so you KAW
    At times you feel happy so you KAW
    Jeeezzzzz I've forgotten the son at school... KAW..
    @son wc where you at boy, this eb is mayhem.
    Turns out he was in the middle of a war and didn't realise school finished 4hrs ago.
    Definitely wasn't late
  9. I know the time to post has been past, but I thought I would still share for others to see the way KaW has effected me. In high school I had close to no friends. Well atleast I thought I did. When I went home and logged on KaW, I was met with a family and group of friends. I may have not realized it then, but I did have friends. KaW kept me social when I was depressed and it helped me stay distracted from all the bad things in life happening. The social aspect of the game really helped me grow as a person and helped me feel admired and cared for. I hope many others can relate and I hope more can experience the love that I did on Kaw. ❤️ Good luck on the contest y’all! I saw so many creative and cool submissions!! ☺️
  10. I am pleased to present you the winners of the “A KaWse for Celebration” Anniversary Contest!


    Community Favourite

    • Thrawn
    Most Creative
    IT IS A TIE!
    • Cobra
    10 Random Winners:
    • Snowflower
    • fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffg
    • arkst
    • Notme113
    • locustmike2
    • Ty
    • Vanitas
    • Gaia1998
    • -TheLastTrojan_
    • Wrath_TDT

    Winners will be sent their prizes to their Rewards Inbox in game by the end of the day so keep your eyes peeled!

    Thank you all for your awesome submissions!
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  11. In my defense, I didn't mean to 😂 I thought people would get more of a laugh than anything else out of my professional dude
  12. @Thrawn let's call it a happy accident XD
  13. My AI generated image didn't win anything. Back to the generator it goes.