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  2. I wish the Chinese would recall all outstanding debts owed to them by the US...bring an already shaky economy to its knees
  3. Wow. You people on here are terrible. Bickering over what? Who's country is better?....this is Earth yo. You know....that planet all humans live on together, not separately. This doesn't even got to be about anyone's country...this post was just about remembering a bunch of innocent people who tragically died. I usually don't even care about 9/11, never have much. I didn't know anyone who died or anyone personally affected, so there just never was much emotion tied into it for me. But all the complete lack of respect on this thread makes me want to atleaste try and honor these people.

    This is why we never forget. Who died that day? Someone's brother or sister...a child's loving father, a grown man's elderly mother? Worse...someone's son...someone's daughter. I don't know who died...I don't know who they left behind. I do know of the bonds siblings share. I know the comfort of a mother's love and I know the helping hand of a loving father. I know the fear,excitement,worry and unconditional love of seeing your child come into this world.

    These connections are sacred, the love it brings is to be charrished. So I'll never forget in honor of those who died...they were someone's everything. More than that I'll never forget the loved ones they left behind. I hope they have once again found happiness and I hope they haven't filled their hearts with hate. 9/11--never give up hope, never abandon those who need help and never stand for injustice, never forget.
  5. Oh, really?? Thank you!! Is that enough? But then again, that would not happen. One word: greed.
  7. Never Forget!

    You puds know who is the boss. It isn't China or Russia. Get rekt scrubs
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  10. Was like 9 when it happened... R.I.P. To the fallen and hope this doesn't continue like the terrorist attack at San Bernardino and others
  11. I hate to turn this political because no matter the cause, or outcome it truly is a tragedy.

    But can we all agree that our efforts have been useless, and only provoked more violence toward America?
  12. So we should of just what? Turned the other cheek? Nah sucka
  13. The United States actions have been the most effective recruiting tool for terrorists.

    We have not fixed the problem, but we HAVE killed more and lost more than 9/11 did. We took a problem and made it worse.
  14. Well put.

  15. Everyday I'm reminded as I walk out of my door. Greeted by a picture of my Uncle. Just 32 and newly married. A 10 year marine Corp veteran, and my best friend. He treated me like a son, and being so young when I lost him It truly was not fair. He was trapped in the towers attending a meeting, my father and I were at the park when he called. And let us know how much he loved us. To this day I will never forget, nor forgive. 3,000 innocent men, women, and children died. That day will forever live in infamy.

    Rest in peace Uncle Woody. And God bless all the first responders, that risked their lives saving others. God bless the veterans, and my brothers that have served this nation. God bless the USA.
  16. If they do that, I believe recall quite a bit of Europe owes US money from WW2 that I don't believe we've ever called in much less said they didn't have to pay us back. And if we go with that, there's quite a bit of interest applied. Of course, that all depends upon whether my memory is correct.

    Edit: Turns out I was partially wrong, UK paid there's off in 2006. USA was forgiving of Germany's WWI reparations that were owed and I believed they paid off the post WW2 and Cold War debt. I've no clue on France or any other countries. Eh, anyways, China would be idiotic if they really want to call in that Debt of theirs. It'll crash the WE, and screw China over more then the US. No more US trading partner due to no more money. And no more US partnership is bad as the US is the biggest trading partner for China. China's gotten an even worse economy then the US, not to mention tons of Ghost Cities, and the pollution problem is going up more then it's going down. Hm... What else is there to mention? I can't really think of anything else. To be honest, I find the US having another GD if that happens likely, but China won't likely recover from their mistake unless someone can pick up the US's slack, which is unlikely.
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  18. Its America's way doing things, always being dirty, which was the reason Sadam bit the hand that fed him. America overstepped its boundaries, and citizen of the United Stats pay with their lives. Our leaders were more worried about getting their hands on oil that did not belong to them. As an American citizen myself I won't make excuses for it all, if people wanna bad mouth America so be it. Just remember that America's choices cause 9/11
  19. I also have a friend with a 9/11 birthday