Have monster alliances killed major OSW

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Waterr, Jun 21, 2013.

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  1. My clan is one clan we keep the old ways intended by the creator we use wits to crush our enemy and when defeated start new
  2. I think 42clans is overkill
  3. Victor, I doubt half your clan even knows what OSW is.
  4. Hey hey no fighting now errr actually fight all you want
  5. Yes All families should be disband!

    Ruin the game more than it helps it, but then again everyone is to do what they want.

    Kaw today have been through many changes.

    I don't see join an big family is positive to the game, and I am no fan of EB or EE

    So yes it's lesser osw these days.
  6. C'mon twicc i thought we were cool
  7. No I dont think they have join a big alliance an find out the are more smal incedens but the alliances have just rased the stakes and invole more people so when a alliance osw starts it will last or just dissapear ending in a mutal cf with no fourm notification
  8. Nice comment
  9. Frau-What a dumb comment to say. When people not involved dont comment on the war? Lol

    Asian_boyy- Asking for a 1v1 doesnt make a difference
  10. But my name is Dj
  11. Dj no offense. But your family of clans has a "hit one, hit us all rule". I have ss of a ZAFT clan owner saying he doesn't allow his members to 1 v 1 because it's a waste of time.

    To each his own I guess. Policies like that combined with the shear size of certain alliances lead to little or no osw in the game between it's most elite players. That's the only point I'm making with this thread 
  12. Players who have never engaged in a 1 v 1 or have only participated in lopsided wars stacked in their favor will find it quite shocking if they themselves are every the main target of a clan or a small group of experienced fighters.
  13. Best way to learn how to handle such a situation :)
  14. @Argoli. Respect to WAR family . My old clan fought yours mostly during ig/lr war.
  15. So if these alliances aren't willing to lay down and fight clan v clan why not petition for the greatest alliance the KaWmunity has ever seen and band all clans together to take them out. In doing this theirs only 3 ways i see it going. 1) The KaWmunity alliance gets owned by one or more alliances and gives in, 2) The KaWmunity takes superiority and restores chaos or 3) all big alliances join forces to fight as 1 against the KaWmunity alliance and makes the game a constant osw with only 2 sides.  Any of these would certainly keep me playing the and not get bored 

  16. You are a joke Zero! Nice to see you talking all big with your snake in the grass ass buddy Steph supporting you! Big alliances can work if you don't have arrogant assholes trying to run them. Lets just hope you don't destroy WDGAF like you destroyed the entire 7 Deadly Sins Family! So go on talking about what a warrior you are when all you did in OSW was fight at the beginning to make yourself look good and then stop to burn one lb player pots at a time whilst telling your guys not to hit back it would be a waste. Search our walls to see why we got respect postings from opposing clans and you didn't...because you are all talk and all show!!!! I feel sorry for the good people that believe you lol***BTW you let your guys go item hunting in that OSW whilst everyone else was doing their part. I'm sorry that doesn't say OSW to me! I'm sure you will try to formulate a response to try to make yourself look like a badass, but truth be told you're not elite nor are you badass!
  17. It is foolish to war on an equal footing with your opponent.

    Technically, 3 to 1 odds is the minimum you want to have before commiting to an attack. 10 to 1 in a siege.

    I've been in various size osw, but the bigger the better.

    Bigger strips, bigger stakes, bigger risks and bigger thrills.

    More monsters! Bigger wars! More funds=more funs!

    I'm mostly inactive though.
  18. @zero, I know :) your build sucks
    Respect to this whole osw!
  19. @Stoirin.
    Staying classy as always I see. Out of respect for regulators alliance with AAH I'll not treat you with the same disrespect you have treated me with in a public forum.

    If you have anything to say to me my pm is wide open. 

    I don't worry about what people think of me. Maybe you should do the same. Life is more enjoyable that way 
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