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  1. Only one account has the classified sign, and thats the admin. People will know who it is.. Who's side are you on Flint? We're in the same clan
  2. FYI

    The trick doesn't work as well in Desktop view or for PC users:


    Anyways, get back to asking more KaW related questions!

    Like, what happens if I build a whole bunch of Stables and no spy buildings?
  3. I asked a mod
    Not impersonating
    Thx for telling me that it didn't work for pc
  4. How can I earn nobility points?
  5. Do quests, nobility points randomly drop or buy them with real cash from the oracle in the marketplace
  6. How did try_and_find_me make his profile classified and change his name, and the date?
  7. It's not an actual account. It's part of qwertyology's post.
  8. ^Thats my new pet peeve :(
  9. Re: Post Questions Hereg

    Which epic battle gives you the boots?
  10. The reckoning and NML can both drop the hooves.
  11. Or if you mean the siphioned boots, those come from Sporavek's Revenge eb.
  12. Where do you get items from? All the battles with items please
  13. Too many EBs drop items, go to Wulf's thread on EBs in questions/feedback and take a look.
  14. It should tell you all the items acquired from EBs, but besides EBs you can get items from the alchemist too
  15. Should I continue buying lands? Next one is 80 bill or should I start converting to t5 lvl one before exploring all lands? All my attack building are Coe lvl 3
  16. Depends on how much you make per hit. Go to cc if you want to talk about it further
  17. What item to use for to the chamber
  18. Mists of confusion
  19. 1- Last friday i noticed that my plunder is lower now! Anybody knows why?
    2- Since the last update 1.50 on i-device, the notifications that members join eb have disappeared? How to fix this?
    Thx mates for your help ;)
  20. EB notifications were removed, you cant get them back.

    As for plunder dropping, try hitting a stronger eb - such as Haunting/FoD if youre not already, and make sure youre at Max Plunder. Otherwise it may be your buildings. SoS drag plunder down.