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  1. Junco. Go to your photobucket app.

    If you have the latest version, then there's no longer a way to change the upload size
  2. Is the trinket "crown of the red sun" from the alchimest for 50 mith one of the equipment that will not fail when you enchant?
  3. I believe so, since you use mith to enchant it.
  4. What is OSW? ( I mean the description )
  5. OSW stands for Off System War. The name basically says it all, its a war not in the system of wars that ATA puts out.
  6.  Just a tidbit of information here.

    There's a rather useful resizing app with crappy reviews, because the concept isn't understood. An iPhone displays a photo in your album to fit the resolution of the screen, no matter what, so it has like 2 1/2 stars because people are dunces.

    Anyways, just search resizing photos in the app store and it comes up. App name is just "resize photo." Then you can upload to whatever the hell you want. I personally strted using imgur, but whatever.
  7. @Kevin
    Main difference between a system war and an OSW is that in an OSW you don't win mith.
  8. I'm in an EE, and I'm opted in. My problem is that I keep getting messages saying

    "Unable to attack: You are in a war that doesn't permit outside hits"

    But I am going off of WR. Any ideas on how to fix this quickly?
  9. have you tried hitting people from the opposing clan that are active in the war? because if not....
  10. That's what the war roster is. I can occasionally hit, but then it goes back to the message. Can't post SS, forums aren't allowing me.
  11. Yeah, they need to be active.

    Also, if you did not opt in via spell, you're out. You won't be able to hit them.
  12. Sometimes I wonder if you guys even bother to read.
  13. NM I see you've already had 19 successful actions.

    Take your SS. Email support. Mods or forums can't do much for you.
  14. Jam, my only advice to you is to make sure you're hitting only active people in the war. If you are and its still not working, I would email the devs at support@athinkingape.com to tell them about the possible glitch.
  15. Make sure you don't have the clan roster and the war roster screwed up.

    Also, the worms have similar names. If one of them changed names, you'll need to click a profile off of the WR.
  16.  I've done EE's since the week they came out. I know what to do and what is what. Thanks though. I'll email.
  17. Apologies, I'm only used to inexperienced players crying to forums for help.

    Didn't realize we were dealing with a real pro.
  18. Honestly, I hope you figure that out. That war is pretty tight.