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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. In an EE war as a mid sized hansel would scouting give more Mithril payout than assassinating? (Thanks)
  2. Scouting is an effective way to KO so likely.
  3. No scouting burns no pots and devs themselves stated that the more pots u burn off an enemy the greater the payput. So by that logic...... No
  4. Scouting not burning pots works both ways, you can easily zero enemy spies even if youre not burning pots though.
  5. It seems a guild hansel (Forsaken33) in my clan consistently makes more mithril than I do just by scouting everyone, lol. I guess I'll test this war, thanks for the responses.
  6. Yes mango but the question wasnt "what's a more effective way to zero someone spies"
  7. X are you using as many mithril spells as he does? He seems to be rocking all the mith spells almost. That has a lot to do with payout also
  8. Yes Mickey, but by zeroing their spies easily, you then have more successful actions, you have a much higher chance of KO'ing someone, and if you mix it in with some assassinations here and there youve hit all the factors to increase your payout.
  9. I don't see how scouting someone enhances your chance at a KO? Opponent loses more spies per assn plus pots. And u kill troops also. Scouting kills only spies. No pots. No troops. More successful actions yes. But look through any EE war history to see that ppl with less actions and less plunder receive higher mith payout on the regular
  10. Usually troops are the first to go, it waste a lot of time if you have a dtw message. Scouts are usually what get the KO anyways.
  11. In my experience I get assassination Ko's far easier than scout Ko's. Assassinations kill more spies per attack and also kill troops.
  12. And Mickey, I just realized how much mith he uses for EE's. Wow.

    I'll cast the same spells as him next war and try to compare the Mithril payout. Thanks again Mango and Mickey for the helpful advice.
  13. If troops are at 0, you get a defender too weak message. If you're opponents are active, it's likely they'll dump their troops coming out of KO first. In attempt to keep their plunder. You must be very lucky to take out the last spies and troops with an assa, unless they are already 0d in spies.
  14. Ok firstly worm u are wrong. U never get a dtw for assn in EE even if the defender has zero troops. Assn always go through. No dtw period for them. Now attacks will render a dtw if the opponent has no troops, but again, assn will not.

    Also why this theory of sct's giving you a better chance at a KO? That's just so illogical I lol at it. KO is gained by zeroing both opponents bars. Assn are more effective to that end. Scts use less of your spies, but also take less of the opponents spies. So if you are takin 10k spies off an opponent with scts but I'm taking 21k with assn, who theoretically has the better chance at the KO?
  15. I've had plenty dtw in EE :lol:
  16. Also, scouts use less spies.
  17. Yes you get dtw from attacks but not from assassinations. Even if you have their troops zeroed out u can still assn them. It just kills zero troops. But still kills more spies than scouts and burns their pots. I know scouts use less spies. I said that in my last post
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