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  1. You can cast a spell by earning mithril and spending it at the alchemist. Do wars for mithril or you can now buy up to 6 from the alchemist at a price.

    You need 25 lands to upgrade your castle.

    Healing aura - defense item for reckoning.
  2. Oh wow I'm a dumbass thanks
  3. Why can I not buy Mithril? When I try I get a message saying "too many requests".
  4. Did u exceed daily limit?
  5. No, I have not purchased any today.
  6. How many mith do you have? There is a fixed limit now and only able to purchase is u have under 6 I think
  7. Akem: the limit is 6 max when you purchase, I believe 12 you can get each 6 you buy.
  8. When transferrin devices what is UDID? Is that the serial # for the iPhone?
  9. Its the universal device ID. Easiest way to get that code, get an app of the app store that tells you.
  10. Ok anothe quick question (sorry if I'm asking too many) but if my computer does t work to transfer my acct over to new device can I use say like an iPod tht is wifi enabled to transfer my phone acct to the new phone or would it have to be on the new device? I'm jut asking cause I really dot want to lose my acct when I transfer
  11. You can be on either device, but have to know the UDID of both
  12. I have the UDID of the one I'm transferring to the new device hopefully so was just curious but I could do it on either my iPod or the new iPhone tht I'm transferring it too?
  13. How big do you think I should get my clan before taking part in EE wars??

    Just wondering so I know when t o start teaching :D
  14. @delta
    About 50

    How do you shortcut a url and make it clickable
  15. [.url=URL your looking to link]text you wish to have users click[/url]

    Sometimes you'll have to shorten the link which you can do using www.bitly.com
  16. Of course without the period..
  17. If only life was as simple as your most recent post drgn. If only... *sigh*

    I just kidding, I just kidding :lol:
  18. :lol:

    If only..