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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. So when does equipment disappear?
  2. Your equipment disappears when you reset, unless you bought the equipment with real life cash from the Oracle. That equipment doesn't disappear, you should read my post on the last page.
  3. You did say that. So to clarify as long as you don't reset, you always have your equipment
  4. Oh my.

    Can't a guy drink a case of beer without repercussion?!

    Tough room. 
  5. that was directed at... (/).-)

    that was not directed at Willy lol
  6. Can someone scout Chongo, and say his build? Lol.
  7. Ill give it a shot when im full barred up.
  8. Is there a thread about the war system not estoc wars. The system wars that says like if you declare this long ofa war this is how long you wait... If there is pleasepost link thanks
  9. There isn't any that are stickied (I think) my appologies
  10. Sorry phoenix. When i try to scout chongo i get the dts message. Even with full pots and every spell active :lol:
  11. @homedawg

    Your a hansel with 4x his spy stats and he's dts? That's weird...
  12. HN, due to his BTA is so high that's the reason
  13. The BFA makes him dts.
  14. What are active spells
  15. Spells that are currently in effect that you have cast.
  16. Obviously but what is a spell? How do you obtain and cast it?
  17. And what item for reckoning?