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  2. What does Mage do? How do u acquire equipment? What are the advantages of upgrading your castle?
  3. Mage lets you use inferno and aqua to enchant your equipment to improve their stats

    you get equipment by participating in Epic Battles. It is 'randomly' dropped

    By upgrading your castle you can use mithril to cast spells and access the mage to enchant equipment
  4. Mages enchant equipment, ungrading castle unlockes the mage and gives stat bonuses, and equipment can be gotten from Reckoning, origins, NML, Destroyer, CotD, FoD, all of T6 ebs and all of t7 ebs.
  5. Ohh it all makes sense now I understand e wry thing in the a wee bit now
  6. Mage: Ability to enchant your equipment to make it much stronger than the original stats.
    Epic Battles Drops

    Tier 2
    •The Reckoning- Hooves of Destruction

    Tier 3
    •Origins- Hystricidae Helmet

    Tier 4
    •No Mans Land- Leonine Arm Plates, and Hooves of Destruction
    •The Destroyer- Armor of the Eternal Fire, Locust Swarm, and Mind Scream

    Tier 5

    •No Quarter- Nether Realm Breastplate, and Hystricidae Helmet
    •City of the Dead- Ice Guardian's Shield, Priceless Treasure (between 6-11bil gold), Locust Swarm, and Mind Scream
    •Figure of Death- Abyssal Blade, Diamondiferous, Kings Tomb (between 10-17bil gold) Aqua, Inferno, Blizzard, and Spell of Amnesia.

    Tier 6
    •Talons of Carnage- Silica Ring of Silence, and Quicksilver Plates
    •New Growth- Searing Sickle Locust Swarm, and Mind Scream
    •Scionic Storm- Torrent Tailsman, Aqua, Inferno, Blizzard, and Spell of Amnesia
    •Sporavek's Revenge- Pinioned Boots, Iron Gauntlets, Aqua, Inferno, Blizzard, and Spell of Amnesia

    Tier 7
    •The Barren Orchard- Steadfast Stollerets, Gold-Plated Greaves, Aqua, and Inferno
    •Terrain Travails- Aureate Bracers, Viridescent Shield, Aqua, and Inferno
    •Crossing the Threshold- Stalwart Helmet, Aqua, and Inferno
    •Cave of Riches- Vermeil Breastplate, Aqua, and Inferno
    •The Gilded Lord- Electric Storm Bow, Enchanted Snare Ring, Crown of Virtue, Aqua, Inferno, Locust Swarm, Blizzard Mind Scream and Spell of Amnesia
    Castle: Some more free stats errr my gurd jk you gotta pay for it. But Level 2 Castle unlocks the Alchemist which gives you stuff like changing your name color in WC and CC for a few hours, hide your allies and permanent items. (That's not all it does but look Spell Guide Info for more information about the Alchemist.)
    Level 3 gives you the Mage which just lets you make your equipment stronger by using mithril, aqua and/or inferno. (You can look Equipment Enchanting Guide there for more info on enchanting.)
  7. Is equipment permanent?
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  9. The equipment you buy from the Oracle is permanent, the one's you get from Epics or buying with Mithril are not permanent. If you reset, your equipment obtained by Epics and Mithril will be lost and you will have to start all over again.
  10. When do they disappear
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