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  1. I think someone else asked that before and I think the answer was No.

    I don't think it works the reverse way round with the same results but feel free to try it out :D
  2. I don't know if it works the other way round but even if It did I think it would still be much more effective with spy defence not normal defence.
  3. Thank you. Well that put a spanner in the works of my idea lol
  4. I completed my first estoc war. I had 118 mil in plunder, 120-130 hits, and 4 kos. Yet I got absolutely nothing. Just estoc edge lvl 1. There were weaker people in my clan who did less plunder, hits, and kos, and got a reward. I want to know why I got nothing. Do I have to be LC?
  5. What ever happened to toast?
  6. A quick one about the EE wars, If my Main And Alt are In different clans and the match up puts the two clans together can you still cast veil after match up has been made?
  7. No. Once the match up has been made: the rosters are locked. The only way to drop out is to leave the clan.
  8. Does that then affect the war if say I was the one who signed up to it?
  9. Like it does with eb's if u leave before it starts it ff?
  10. That I don't know, sorry.
  11. Is the drop for the bow random, or do you have to get a minimum number of hits
  12. It's random, but your chances increase as you hit more if that makes sense.
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    Why don't I have cc
  15. What do you mean?
  16. Cc stands for clan chat, as long as you're in a clan u will have 1
  17. I can't get in to cc only wc. I think its my device