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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. No, storm trooper, the screen is taller and I remember having an update with iPhone 5 display support, something would have to be taller...
  2. how do I recover my alt account

    i made a second account with a new profile. Some how I got locked out of my second account but I can still hire it as an ally but can't do anything else with it. How do I recover that account and not mess up my main account?
  3. Xeno, the screen is just longer so the game has to fit the screen but its still the same kaw.
  4. I you receive a xtal from a quest and dont use it and you reset.
    Do you keep the xtal?
  5. I have paid 30 dollars I'n equipment for the app but I have noticed no difference what dose the stuff do like forreal I have 19% attack bonus and more but stats remain the same please wall me the answer - taylor421
  6. Taylor, the perms items AKA pro packs you have purchase today, the perm items don't be shown on your account to others but will show up how much you will gain from your correct stats, it's like equipments ;) by having them you are slightly stronger.
  7. Trainer, you know posting 3rd party links on kaw is against the ToS? That's a YouTube link, I suggest you to edit and remove it for your safe keeping :)
  8. He's not advertising it.
  9. Sorry it was wrong copy paste xD

    Also, why did that apology video get to post?
  10. Links are link, if it's a test just remove it as I seen people get silenced for just testing links got silenced true story
  11. Lol trainer it's fine lol everyone makes mistakes, that's why you test before you post ;)
  12. On a side note: can anyone give me the bitly link?
  13. Trainer follow me
  14. I will but:

    Bitly isn't against ToU, I just need it because I can't find the stickies thread. :(
  15. Nah man if its kaw related then it's fine but anything else it's different
  16. Okay, I posted on CG's tower thread, but didn't get a reply. Does the tower build work with normal defense towers? CG used herself as an example and she has spy defense towers s was just wondering...