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  1. What is the max you can get from dropping an ally?
  2. 60% after 14 days.
  3. In your phase of the game i would unlock lands and put lv1 buildings there. The gold boost is the biggest then. Unlock 15hl, 15hf, 5abyss. all lv 1 on them.
  4. A few questions I have as a newbie on KaW,
    1. How to calculate your stats in Kcs/Mcs?
    2. How to fight/attack/act in an EB? Or How to know what action to use in an EB?
    3. What is the most preferable build?
    4. How to get equipments?

    This is it as of now, I'd visit again for when I have more queries! :lol:
  5. 3. If you like making big plunder, go for an attack build. If you don't like getting anonymously farmed, go for a hansel. If you know you're going to be really active, go for a shadow hansel.

  6. There is a beginner guide in forums that will most definitely help you out. Forums>Forums>Guides>Beginner's Guide to Kaw
  7. 3. If you like making big plunder, go for a hansel (spy). If you don't like getting anonymously farmed, go for a hansel. If you know you're going to be really active, go for a hansel.
  8. Really? I barely make 4b off an unload.

    And that's after skimming. In the end, I get 1b payout unless I decide to unload spies too.
  9. If u want big plunder, any build with no towers. Hansel for everything else. :lol:
  10. Welcome to Kaw!

    1) on your profile, you will find your "Stats to allies". The sum of those 4 stats will make your "cs" (combined stats). I guess yours would be just over 100k (not having your profile in front of me).

    2) The possible actions on an eb really depends on the eb and the phase it's in. Some secondary bars will have a description that might give you a hint on what's working, but I would suggest you to look the eb up in one of the guides in the resp forum section (Wulf's thread is a classic, but I think chocolate did complete it and Nazulle published a downloadable pdf guide).
    Or ask your clanmates. Quite a few starter clans have a short guide on their clan info page for typical ebs, other clans make sure to have a description in the CA (clan announcement). Or just ask your clanmates in cc.
    Try to grab the item phases ;-)

    3) Well, it depends. You will have three different build types with distinct mechanics, depending on the ratio troop to spy buildings: Hitter, Hybrid and Spy build (also called hansel nowadays (cringe emoji)).
    All are viable and will do fine.
    Once you get into warring, you might enhance your actual build with towers, but I would advise you to delay that until you have a certain size as it will impact your growth.

    4) Equipments drop randomly at the end of certain ebs (all ebs from Tier 6 on drop some), all you need is to participate to get a chance at it. What equip drops where can be found in the above mentioned guides. At your size, you will have a chance to get some pants from Reckoning, a helm from Origins and some NML shoulders (hmm, or bracers, lol).
  11. is there any inactive player with 20 million attack and less then 900k spy? that I can try to steal from?

    Or List a inactive one between 15million attack and 20 million attack with less then 900k spy

    or post a 20 million attack with less then 1.4 to 1.5k spy or less spy defence the better.

    Thanks and happy kawing...
  12. Skim those spies on the eb and you'll get a really nice surprise. As a spy build, the major earnings part will come from your spies as end bonus. Skim those assassinations!
  13. I'm pretty sure i gain more gold from troops than from spies actually... o.o
  14. I get lot more from my spies honestly if you skin you get more overall at the end.
  15. Yes spies pay more but only if you skim no unloads
  16. You always get more when you're skimming, the effect is more noticeable when you're skimming troops.(this only applies to attack builds or hybrids, hansel plunder is so small skimming troops would be negligible)
  17. Say I have three iPhones and created KaW accounts on them. Am I allowed to link all three to KaW on PC? Does it count towards the 1 account limit on PC?
  18. You can have 1 account that's only on pc.
    Device linked account's as many as you want.
  19. Create an ATA ID (or link to FB) on those 3 iphones and you're free to play those accounts on your PC. Additionally you may create one more account that would be PC-only.

    What would be against the TOU would be creating more than one account on your PC without any link to a devices.
  20. thats why hansels skim spies :)